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John Podesta to be interviewed by House Intelligence Committee: Report

Well, well, well.  Mr. Spirit Cooker himself, former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, will be asked some questions...behind closed doors (unfortunately, and for now) by the House Intelligence Committee, meaning Trey Gowdy will have some questions for him.  This is very good. In fact it is so good in my opinion I may possibly be in a state of shock, especially when considering that we are also just learning that the Senate Judiciary Committee will be interviewing former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  -W.E.


The House Intelligence Committee next week plans to interview John Podesta as part of its investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, according to a new report.

CNN reported Thursday night that the meeting with Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman last year, will occur in private.

Intelligence agencies say Podesta's email account was hacked by the Russians. The cont…

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