Friday, July 22, 2016

Tim Kaine’s Radical Beliefs and anti-American Ties

Hillary Clinton with Tim Kaine earlier this month via Twitter

The "Jihad" Caucus"

In May 2015, a group of 14 U.S. senators, led by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, wrote a letter to President Obama urging him to allow 65,000 Syrians into the United States as refugees. This would require a dramatic expansion of the refugee program, and virtually guarantee that a sizable number of ISIS fighters would slip in among them. Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy called these Senators the "Jihad Caucus" because practically speaking, Jihad is what this request will bring.
The 14 senators demanding this massive influx of Syrians were: Dick Durbin, Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Patrick Leahy, Dianne Feinstein, Patty Murray, Robert Menendez, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeanne Shaheen, Chris Coons, Tim Kaine, Ed Markey, Sherrod Brown, and Mazie Hirono.
These same 14 had sent another letter in April Demanding action on the Syrians.[19]
- KeyWiki 


In the wake of heavy speculation that Hillary Clinton has found her running mate, a look at Trevor Loudon’s KeyWiki file on “civil rights attorney” Senator Tim Kaine is in order. 
Kaine was governor of Virginia for four years prior to becoming a senator in 2012.
As readers of are well aware, Loudon traces the ties between elected officials and anti-American radicals. Over time, he has compiled some information on Tim Kaine which illustrates that he is not as mainstream as he appears to be.

Read Tim Kaine’s Keywiki file here.

One of the best ways citizens can determine whether an elected official has anti-American ties is to research which organizations provided support to that individuals’ campaign. 

Tim Kaine has enjoyed support from the National Muslim Democratic Council, the communist-aligned Alliance for Retired Americans, and one of the most vile and influential organizations you never heard of: Council for a Livable World. In the 2012 election, Tim Kaine was supported by the Asian American Action Fund. The “socialist infiltrated, anti-Israel ‘two state solution’ JStreet PAC endorsed Tim Kaine in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Tim Kaine has enjoyed support from the National Muslim Democratic Council, the communist-aligned Alliance for Retired Americans, and one of the most vile and influential organizations you never heard of: Council for a Livable World. In the 2012 election, Tim Kaine was supported by the Asian American Action Fund. The “socialist infiltrated, anti-Israel ‘two state solution’ JStreet PAC endorsed Tim Kaine in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Tim Kaine

In January, Kaine attended the “Standing Together” event, was sponsored by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities with the support of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy and the Virginia Muslim Coalition for Public Affairs. Citing the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the gathering lamented that “it had received more reports of discrimination and threats against American Muslims after the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris than at any other time since 9/11.”
They blamed GOP nominee Donald Trump.
“The group attributed the uptick in part to remarks made by GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and other candidates.”
The Arab American Association of Central Virginia featured Kaine on Facebook:
tim kaine arab


Not surprisingly, Kaine does not appear to be too keen on the Republican nominee Donald Trump, who gave his acceptance speech on Thursday evening.

A cursory glance at Kaine’s Twitter feed illustrates that toes the line on the unconstitutional policies being supported by the socialists who have taken over the democrat party.
Kaine is rabidly anti-Second Amendment (also supports measures that would ban the right to bear arms for those who appear on the mysterious No-Fly List), pro-illegal immigration and pro-“refugee,” a strong believer in climate change, federal government “investment” in infrastructure and sympathetic to the false premise of the Black Lives Matter movement, i.e., black men are being shot down indiscriminately.

Kaine on gun control:

Kaine on “disturbing police shootings:”
Kaine on “refugees at our southern border” (previously known as illegal aliens)

Read the rest here

Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Ties Emerge Between Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton speaks at the Turkish Cultural Center, Sept. 2007. (Youtube screengrab)
A newly-released email and lobbying documents filed with Congress reveals new ties between Clintonworld and members of a network operated by a mysterious Islamic cleric from Turkey.

CIA Director Brennan Says Trump is Right – ISIS Attempting U.S. Infiltration Via Refugees…


Even CIA Director John Brennan, a complete Obama acolyte, is admitting the infiltration risks from ISIS are increasing and concerning. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Comey Oversaw HSBC Laundered Drug Money Going to the Clinton Foundation

All we hear is what a man of integrity James Comey is.  
Well, we heard once that Chief Justice Roberts was a strict constitutionalist and that didn't work out so good for America either. 
The truth is that the corruption is deeper than we know or care to even fathom, and it incorporates much of the Democratic and Republican Party.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Entire US Cyber Network Is Already Compromised, Clinton Emails Are The Least Of Our Worries

Congressman Michael McCall

Hillary Clinton's emails and server misconduct are the least of our worries. 
The fact that her server was receiving files that passed through or originated on the State Department servers is enough to know she exposed her private system to hackers. The US system is/was/has been compromised, for years, since before Hillary tapped in her new network. Michael McCaul, a Texas Congressman and Chairman of The House Committee On Homeland Security called Clinton "careless" and said she "potentially did harm" to national security. Earlier this week McCaul said this:

Monday, July 11, 2016

MENTALLY ILL AMERICA: The 10 Delusional Demands of Political Correctness You are Required to Accept


Political correctness, at its core, is an insidious demand that you dismiss the evidence you witness with your own eyes, replacing it with delusional, false narratives that have been shoved into your head by the conforming, obedient masses.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Black Lives Matter: The Truth About the Dallas Sniper Attack (Must See)

"Cops shoot black suspects.  It must be racism. 
Suspects shoot cops, says he wants to kill white people. 
It must be guns." - Ben Shapiro


And it has everything to do with this:  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook

There is a loooonnnngggg list of Hillary lies.  Old and new.  

I won't rehash them now, we all know most of them and it is quite sickening honestly. ( I say "most" because I have a hard time keeping up with her crime spree without having to look things  up again, and again)

There was a "chance meeting" at an airport Tarmac in Colorado between Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton.
8 Days later there is FBI Director Comey essentially rewriting Federal laws and giving Hillary a free pass with sleight of hand. 

The latest today is this headline from The Hill : 

FBI didn’t record Clinton interview, did not administer sworn oath

Oh boy. 

The only magic act America needs to see is when her and Bill disappear for good.  Hopefully wearing striped suits after their prosecution and during the tenure of a Trump Administration. 

Hey, a guy can dream. 


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Comey, Clintons and Clemency

In light of the mind-boggling decision of FBI Director Comey yesterday,  I find it interesting to look back at an April article involving Comey, who we are told is a man of deep integrity, and the Marxist couple named "Clinton's" that he has a rather long history with. 
Apparently history has just repeated itself.  

BREAKING: Romanian Hacker ("Guccifer) w/ Access to Clinton Emails Found Dead in Jail Cell

The Bill and Hillary body count is certainly adding up.  I am sure she doesn't want to be outdone by the Obama dead pool.

It was just a week ago tomorrow when it was reported that the former President of the United Nations General Assembly John Ashe from Antigua and Barbuda, who was scheduled to testify in a corruption trial involving Hillary Clinton accidentally kills himself working out. 
Apparently Clinton is seeing a lot of loose ends suddenly work out in her favor.  Good thing to with the Democratic National Convention around the corner, Hillary (or Obama) certainly wouldn't want Guccifer talking to anymore media outlets.  Especially since he was apparently the only one who knows what is in those missing 30,000 emails. 

Funny to how Hillary and Barry are BFF's now. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trump Unloads on FBI Clearing Clinton: 'System Rigged'

There will be a day of reckoning coming for Hillary and Bill.  It's just not today.  Those of us watching and understanding the depths of the corruption in the political system, and especially concerning Barack and Hillary, knew this would be the outcome.  She needed to have this latest scandal put behind her before the upcoming DNC, something I am sure Bill reminded Loretta Lynch of....after they spoke of their grandchildren of course. - W.E.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mike Zullo On Obama's Selective Service

" know it's just like every other thing with this guy's background narrative.  This man must be the unluckiest individual alive because he has so many problems with so many documents that every other American can get without issue."

PNN News and Ministry Network

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Communist Goals Coming True In America


Have a look at these communist goals and decide for yourself whether or not they are coming true in the United States today.
Often, real and deep rooted change occurs slowly, gradually, creeping, largely unnoticed, until one day it is suddenly recognized by the old (who remembers ‘the way it was’) and is simply ‘the way it is’ for the young who knew no other way…

Friday, July 1, 2016

Clinton Campaign HQ Just Two Floors Below Loretta Lynch

Hillary, Bill and Loretta.  All nice and cozy.  How perfect for them. 


Hillary Clinton knows when you're seeking to avoid indictment by the nation's top law enforcement officer, nothing is more important than location...

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hannity: Troubled By McConnell and Ryan's Trump Criticism

Short of an Obama third term either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next U.S. it or not.  Yet the Republican establishment continues to harass and criticize Trump, sometimes stronger than they ever have Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama. Hmm. Smells fishy if you ask me.

RINO's like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan continue to do Hillary's work for her, while pretending to care about conservatism and the national interest.  Puhleeeeeeze!  These people are not conservatives but wolves in sheep clothes helping to implement a Hillary Clinton Globalist agenda!    -W.E.

Wake Up America