Sunday, February 19, 2017

SHOCK VIDEO: Swedish PC Run Amok, Immigration Nightmare

With the Democrats, the MSM and the educational system in the nation all pushing their "Progressive" agenda via indoctrination, misrepresentation of facts, thuggery, bias and plain old lying to EVERYONE, we may be well on our way here in America of death by Political Correctness.  

I am not so sure why I am shocked by this video because it is happening here and now, but it seems to have literally taken over the entire Swedish society.  

Political Correctness must be a form of insanity. It has to be. If criminals are running through your gates and into your house wreaking havoc, and you refuse to, at the very least, close the gate because you will be labeled racist and xenophobic, have you not lost touch with reality? -W.E.

The story really unfolds at the 50 second mark. 


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Friday, February 17, 2017

Jay Sekulow Provides EVIDENCE Obama Set Up Coup Against Trump

So we hoped and we prayed that America had escaped, by the skin of our teeth and by the grace of God the Obama coup when he left office at high noon on January 20th 2017.  As it turns out he just moved two blocks away from the White House and the Organizer-and-Chief is back and Obama's Alynsky style coup continues.... 

Prissy Holly

JUDICIAL WATCH PANEL: "The Voter Fraud Crisis"

Did you know that prison inmates, felons, were allowed to vote in the 2016 Presidential race in California?

There is a lot of excellent information presented here by 4 panelists who are experts on the topic of voter fraud.  Some of the numbers are mind blowing.  Here are just a couple; In a highly publicized study of the 2008 and 2010 elections, there were some twenty million "non-citizens" (made up of both legal and illegal people) that were registered to vote throughout the nation. The study showed that 3% of "non-citizens" themselves have admitted to voting and 1% of illegals who registered have admitted to voting.   That is 800,000 people....some 7 to 9 years ago who admitted to illegally registering and voting.  I think it is only logical to assume that a good number of them would not admit the truth for fear of legal reprisal or simply embarrassment. Simultaneously to this, there are many instances in jurisdictions across America where voter rolls there are 120% of people registered to vote than there are people of age to vote.

"There is a systematic, well funded effort by Left wing, Liberal, Progressive, whatever you want to call them, and now the Democratic Party openly to essentially dismantle the election system in our country."
-Cleta Mitchell, Partner and Political Law Attorney, Foley & Lardner LLP

Judicial Watch

Monday, February 13, 2017

Sabotage: Obama Is Commanding An Army Of 30,000 Anti-Trump Activists From His Home 2 Miles From The White House


Throughout American history, most ex-presidents have chosen to move away from Washington D.C. once their terms have ended, and the vast majority of them have tried very hard not to interfere with their successors. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has opted for the exact opposite approach.  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Trump Administration Ending Sanctions Against Russia One Piece at a Time

If we are to hold Iran accountable, it makes sense to play nice with Putin who is allied with Iran. At least for now and only to an extent.  Same goes, and maybe more so, in wanting to work with Russia to dismantle ISIS.  Priorities.  Not coincidentally today, U.N. Secretary Haley let it be known that the U.S. does not support Russia's attacks on Ukraine and that the U.S. under Trump has no plans to be a pushover.  All done in concert, all part of a larger plan.  -W.E. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

FLASHBACK 2015: 100% Video Proof of Radical Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in America

Islamberg NY Muslim Compound
This is one of the most important reasons we need a wall, we must not forget.   
This is why we need a strong President.  -W.E.

Monday, January 30, 2017

College Professor EXPOSES Chelsea Handler, Ashley Judd, and the Women's March for Entitlements

The lie of "feminism" was on full, nasty display.  

Not unlike the media, they are another element of the strong arm radicals of the Democratic Party, here to decry their fake pain and suffering. Paid and promoted by George Soros of course.  
Tampons are taxed they cried! Love Trumps hate they cried! They cried how terrible America is, how terrible conservatism is, and how enslaved they are to "male privilege" and at the top of the list, how terrible President Donald Trump is...after one full day of the new administration. 
In fact, his lewd, but private conversation fourteen years ago that was caught on a hot mic was such a trigger for the darling snowflakes that they had to openly be 100 times more front of hundreds if not thousands of young children.  
Oh, and how sacred a "right" it is for a mother to abort her unborn child they preached.  

The real truth is, after 50 years of their intolerance and their lies that have permeated society like a metastasizing cancer, surgery is required to remove the tumor of radical feminism. -W.E. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017


UPDATE 1-19-17  

See Also:  Sanders 1 of 69 Democrat socialists in Congress

Socialists MUST divide America to achieve their goals.
Whether it is the paid protestors expected to be in Washington D.C. today, or whether it is the mainstream media that spent 8 years lauding over and covering up the damage of Barack Obama, or whether it is the current gaggle of Congress trying to grandstand and disrupt the inauguration tomorrow at high noon and harass and embarrass, not simply vet Trump's cabinet picks, - the NEVER REPORTED but HIGHLY IMPORTANT TRUTH is that the PROGRESSIVES in Congress and Media are SOCIALISTS. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald Discuss Deep State War Vs. Trump, While Ex-Spook Hints At Assassination


Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is not a fan of President-elect Trump, appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the dangerous ongoing effort among powerful anti-Trump factions within the US Government's "Deep State," who have collaborated with members of the Democratic Party and the traditionally liberal media to inflict maximum damage on the incoming President. 

Recall Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's ominous "six ways from Sunday" comment from 10 days ago. 

Greenwald, an accomplished litigator, journalist, and author, does a masterful job illustrating the players, motives, and potential fallout from this dangerous effort within the US Government's intelligence apparatus. Greenwald goes deep, discussing how Trump's election ruined the plan for regime change in Syria, specifically mentioning, among other things, that the deep state was waiting for Obama to leave office before executing their plan:
The number one foreign policy priority of the CIA over the last four to five years has been the proxy war they're waging in Syria to remove Bashar Al Assad - and Hillary Clinton was quite critical of Obama for constraining them. She wanted to escalate that war to unleash the CIA, to impose a no-fly zone in Syria to confront Russia, whereas Trump took the exact opposite position. He said we have no business in Syria trying to change the government, we ought to let the Russia and Assad go free and killing ISIS and Al Quaeda and whoever else they want to kill.

He [Trump] was a threat to the CIA's primary institutional priority of regime change in Syria. Beyond that, Clinton wanted a much more confrontational and belligerent posture towards Moscow, which the CIA has been acrimonious with for decades, whereas Trump wanted better relations. They viewed Trump as a threat to their institutional pre-eminence to their ability to get their agenda imposed on Washington.
What you're seeing is actually quite dangerous. There really is at this point obvious open warefare between this un-elected, but very powerful faction that resides in Washington and sees Presidents come and go - on the one hand, and the person that the American democracy elected to be elected on the other. There's clearly extreme conflict and subversion taking place. '
This really is a must-watch, and goes hand-in-hand with Tucker's interview with Dr. Stephen Cohen this week:

Meanwhile ex-spook and security consultant John Schindler - who is very clearly part of the faction to remove Trump by any means, sent out a tweet yesterday which mentioned "taking traitor Trump out now." 


This is overt, and Schindler also just more or less outed Washington Post's David Ignatius as a CIA mouthpiece (along the same vein as Deep Throat, perhaps we can refer to Ignatius's source as Golden Shower?).

This cavalier attitude towards assassinating Donald Trump has been supported by social media giant Facebook:

And nothing, to the best of my knowledge, has been done about the multitude of death threats Trump has received - including ones from individuals who have visited the White House and have CIA connections.


Meanwhile 8 years ago, a La Mesa, California man was charged, arrested, and thrown in a halfway house for 60 days for going on a drunken, racist, profanity laced online tirade against President-elect Obama ending in "he will have a 50 cal in the head soon." - a conviction which was later reversed when the threats were found to be not credible.
Perhaps the secret service is merely spread too thin to investigate these threats, or perhaps President-elect Trump is wise to have his own private security.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Proof Of George Soros Nazi Past Finally Comes To Light With Discovery Of Forgotten Interview

Nazi collaborator Soros gave MILLIONS to Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign

George Soros has repeatedly called 1944 "The Best Year of his Life." 70% of Mr. Soros's fellow Jews in Hungary, nearly a half-million human beings, were annihilated in that year, yet he gives no sign that this put any damper on his elation, either at the time or indeed in retrospect.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Van Jones Goes Full Commie: Radical Leftists Are The New Leaders Of The Democrat Party

This has been a long time coming for the Democrats.  Coming out of the closet is right up their alley.  No doubt that they have felt emboldened at how well an open and avowed Socialist like Bernie Sanders can do in running for the highest office in the land, while the right gave almost no push back to the very idea that a Socialist (aka, communist-lite) could lead America.  Having managed to put Marxists in key roles inside major media including news, television, newspapers, websites, feature films, colleges and high schools....they know that there will be almost no push back allowed. -W.E.