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Deep State Amerika and the Impeachment of President Trump

I like many, watched the Carlson interview (below) a few days ago with Krystal Ball.  Yes, that is actually the name she goes by.  And yes, she is part of a Soros organization, disseminating her lies to the world via Fox News.  Her entire argument, as is all of the Democrats, on why Trump should be impeached is clearly boiled down to this:  Because news article with "unknown sources" say so!  That is the entire gist of their clouded reasoning....and sadly too many of the programmed sheeple have little to no cognitive reasoning of their own.  The enemies of America realize this, having themselves largely dumbed down America for decades and it is now bearing fruit to their anti-American agenda. - W.E. 


I am being forced to answer a very fundamental question. Which America do I want to live in?

Do I want to live under the rule of law as governed by a Constitutional Republic? Or, do I want to live under a system of secret governance in which graft, greed, corruption, …

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