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I.C.E. Sieges And Protests Spread Across Nation (VIDEO)

We will see how this plays out, but it sure smells like another George Soros manufactured stunt and psy-op.  How the Left loves (and needs) their chaos, in efforts to bring up the change...the fundamental transformation...they seek. -W.E.


Like the 2011 Occupy protests, what started off as a dumb idea is getting even dumber as the I.C.E. protests spread to multiple cities.

Starting in Portland (of course) last week, protests are now expected across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Tacoma, and others cities. There’s a even a website where folks can keep up with the nationwide goings on. The Portland protest now has more than 80 tents set up around the building, including along railroad tracks next to the building. LA is blocking off the driveway for ICE vans and has a message for ICE agents — LA Against ICE (@LAagainstICE) June 22, 2018
MACC is calling for an emergency occupation (bring yourself…

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