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Mueller Expands His Probe Again

Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel with so many conflicts of interest that only the Socialist Left in this country could ignore it...and they clearly on a "fishing trip" with his "dream team" of Clinton supporting lawyers that he has hired and dispatched in order to find dirt on Trump for the sole purpose of bringing down the duly elected President.  This is not even as much an attack on Trump as it is on the sovereignty and freedom of We the People of the United States:

Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III is yet again expanding the scope of his off-the-rails investigation into the Left’s wacky Russian electoral collusion conspiracy theory by examining financial transactions even vaguely related to Russia involving President Trump’s businesses and those of his associates, Bloomberg News reports.

Honest observers recognize that with the election of Donald Trump, the longtime Russophiles of the morally flexible Left flipped on their traditional friends in…

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