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Pinch me: Was this guy really CIA director?


I think it’s only now that the full impact of the Obama administration is actually starting to dawn on me.

While we lived through it, people like me were mired in everyday crises. We couldn’t keep up with the insanity. It was just so overwhelming – from the crazy personnel appointments, to the destructive policy ideas.

Sometimes I actually wonder how the U.S. survived those eight years.

But, lately, I really think one name personifies the scariness of those years – especially the way our national security infrastructure was compromised.

That name is John Brennan, Obama’s amazing choice for CIA director.

It comes to mind, of course, because of Brennan’s recent characterization of President Trump’s actions in the Helsinki summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin as “treasonous.”

This was the CIA director. It’s eerie now just to reflect on that. What a dangerous time we somehow managed to survive as a nation – perhaps by the skin of our teeth. May we never face such a threat again.


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