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Dems Call Trump’s Emergency Wall Declaration “Unlawful” — Invasion Continues

The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the single most significant component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions.” - Henry Kissinger, World Action Council, April 19, 1994

The Democrats in Congress, and the mega-Globalists like George Soros they take money from, will scream lies and create false narratives until the cows come home (unless they are gassy cows, then they must stay on the other side of the border) in order to keep the the borders open.  After all, we can't have borders in a "global village". -W.E.


It used to be that abetting an invasion of your nation was called treason.
Now it’s called Democrat Party Policy.

After years of GOP dithering and Democrat obstructionism, President Trump signed an emergency declaration Friday to allow the government to build a border wall using already allocated funds. In response, Democrat leaders vowed to use congr…

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