11 Calif. Newspapers to Become 2

Most of the cuts are expected to occur within the newsrooms and print operations.
Somehow this story doesn't completely "do it" for me.  While I understand cost cutting measures, and no doubt the internet is hurting the pockets of  traditional newspapers across the country, if not the world, I still smell something, and it's not ink.  It's "smells" like giving San Franciscans less choices on news.  Maybe less choices on CONSERVATIVE news.  Just a thought.
SAN FRANCISCO — MediaNews Group will combine 11 of its daily newspapers in the San Francisco Bay area into two to save money.
The shake-up announced Tuesday at the company built by Dean Singleton will affect newspapers located across the bay from San Francisco. Beginning Nov. 2, those newspapers will shed their distinct identities and adopt one of two new brands, the East Bay Tribune and The Times. CONTINUE

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