911 Whitewashing the War: "Never Forget" Morphs into "Forget it"

The enormous effort to whitewash 911 is deeply disturbing and more than a little offensive.
The message is not "forget it." The message is, "never forget."
As I was walking past Manhattan newstands this morning, I saw there, front and center, New York Magazine's special 911 double issue. The cover has huge 911 typeface and this photo. A picture of a blue sky and with huge clouds (or white smoke). Does this image represent what happened to our great nation ten years ago? Inside, the geniuses on their editorial staff tells us why we were attacked:
....to the terrorists themselves, "America," remained vauge and abstract. The nineteen hijackers had no feeling for our culture and society and only the most general objections to it. When they did think about America, it was a certain kind of dupe, an overmuscled husk through which more malevolent forces moved, some of them having to do with capitalism or Christianity but most having to do with Israel.
Has any other culture been so prone to life-threatening idiocy? Ten years later and the editorial staffers at New York magazine don't know that it was jihad. This is what freedom lovers are up against.CONTINUE

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