With September 29th and 30th just weeks away, I’m watching and waiting for the sound of the trumpet.  “Now didn’t I learn a lesson from Harold Camping” you say?  “And doesn’t the Bible say no one knows the day or the hour?”  Yes it does, which is precisely why I have my eye on September 29th and 30th of this year!
At sundown in Jerusalem on September 28th the “Feast of Trumpets” (Yom Teruah) begins and is celebrated for two days.  Most of you are probably familiar with it being called Rosh Hashana instead.  “So what’s the big deal?  What do these feasts have to do with us?  We’re not under the law of the Old Testament, we’re under grace.  And besides, these are Israel’s feasts.  They have nothing to do with the church.”  If these are some of the questions you have, please read on as they will be answered.
The seven “Feasts of the Lord” given to the children of Israel in Leviticus 23 are all “shadows” of things to come and we would do well in gaining an understanding of them.  Also, it’s important to note God says these are His feasts, not Israels.

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