Chris Mathews said he got a "tingle" up his leg watching Barack Obama. Other interviewers routinely hand him softball questions to lob to his constituency and the results are not lost on the American public.
A new poll now reveals that by a nearly 2-1 margin Americans believe that the national news media favor the Democratic Party over the GOP. The bias is clear even to Democrats themselves, because one in five who self-identified with the party admit they are the media's favorite.
The results come from new scientific telephone survey of nearly l,100 respondents conducted Aug. 20-22 with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.93 percentage points. It was done by Wenzel Strategies.
The poll shows that responding to the question, "If you had to say, which major party do you think the national news media favor in their political coverage?" 46.4 percent identified the Democrats while 23.4 identified the GOP. Another 30.3 percent said neither party. CONTINUE

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