Explosive Video: Chicago Teachers Union Stages Arrests with Radical Organizer Lisa Fithian

Rebel Pundit

Not only is this not your local Tea Party event, it is anarchist/communist led, and they are playing for all the marbles folks. They want our constitution ripped to shreds and won't stop, they must be defeated. We must mount a resistance. I don't mean physically, I mean in the media, in the public square and with our votes. We must be loud.  Please remember that the Unions and the ACLU were both founded by Communists.

Getting tired of #OccupyChicago yet?

Have you wondered who’s behind the #OccupyChicago protests? Who are the people getting arrested and why?

Here’s some outstanding coverage of what is going on behind the scenes in the “occupy movement,” from the street, with a very clear picture of the radical underworld of union organizing.

And yet again, another story completely missed by the main stream media.

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