Mike is a truth seeker and someone that through emails and various stories we have shared, I have come to respect his stance for the truth and doing so consistently. 

By Mike Holoka

Bill Ayers is one of the original terrorists of the 60's-70's. I was in college with his ilk. Every marine was a baby killer and drugs were good. The establishment had to be taken down and free love was the only way to live. The establishment were pigs and there was no sanctity to life. They lived by the mantra..the ends justifies the means.
The day they threw toilet paper rolls into our meeting during a political science exercise and said they represented bombs...that let me know exactly what I was dealing with.
I told my wife..God help us when these people get in charge. You will not believe what they are going to do. She dismissed it then but now she says that I was right. I knew. I saw an overthrow of our government and the constitution from the inside . I saw an American Bolshevik revolution and I also saw that anyone with character would be at risk...God, country, and constitution would land you in jail.

I didnt know about FEMA Camps back then. I figured there would be great violence and social upheaval...and I saw "we the people" losing to a crazy minority of psychopaths and Marxists...who had the power, the media, and the youth. How am I doing?
I also did not know about the Marxist Nazis who we imported to bolster our diabolical technology for war and medicine, but I knew somewhere there was a plan for these marxists to take Vietnam seemed rational.
The matrix has always been there during my life...but now I live outside the matrix. I look for truth and accept nothing less. Our presidential elections are a joke...the ballot box will not save us from the ilk of Bill Ayres, Obama, and the Elite. NO respect for property rights or people who work hard and earn what they have. This is what we deal with and the Elite who use the Bill Ayres of the world to their upheaval with up to 90% of the world's population dead. So the wars continue...and the young men die..on the altar of the god of the worship of the Elite and their alleged superior chromosomes..Nice world...don't you think?

Dont believe me//prove it for yourself. There is no way I would have believed it...but all the evidence suggests otherwise: Agenda 21 endgame; UN control of US, the international banking system including the FED...all focused on taking down the they can have their NWO. Using science and medicine to control the populations of the world..especially here. And not one in 100 Americans would believe this...even with all the proof in the world...normalcy biases keep one from admitting what one is so evil and inhuman..who can believe it? Very few..and most will not understand 'til 3:00 am when the trucks, buses, troops come in the middle of the night and take their neighbors to the Camps. Even then they will deny it until they are taken..and then it will be too late. People in the city are way out. Anyway, 1984, Brave New World, AnimalFarm, Soylent Green and other books are remarkable but none can compare with Mein Kampf, the 5000 year leap, Rise of the Fourth Reich by Marrs, the Trillion Dollar Conspiracy and the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America...these books are the plan. These books explain the past and the future-the process...along with the best of all the Bible.
These things will happen..for we have turned from the One True God and believed the lie. WE have sowed the wind and we will surely reap a whirlwind. Just read Revelation...where the details meet the reality. 

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