Suspected Russian spy admits affair with Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock

The Telegraph

This is from the UK.  Lest you think that Russia is not in the spy business, here you go. To think that they don't infiltrate any country that they perceive as a threat, like Britain and the U.S. is of course, gravely naive.

A Russian woman accused of being a spy has admitted having a four-year affair with the Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock while she worked as his parliamentary researcher

Ekaterina “Katia” Zatuliveter, 26, is fighting deportation after being arrested last year and accused of targeting the married 65 year-old as part of a “honeytrap” operation orchestrated by Russian intelligence.
During her four-year stint in Mr Hancock’s office – during which she moved into his London flat as his live-in lover - she had a parliamentary pass and potentially had access to sensitive defence documents through his position on the defence select committee.
An immigration tribunal heard that Miss Zatuliveter even helped the MP – who was “vulnerable” to foreign intelligence agencies because of a history of extra-marital affairs - to formulate written questions to Parliament.
She has dismissed allegations of spying as “absurd” but admitted that she had also had affairs with a Nato official, a Dutch diplomat and a senior UN official.
Miss Zatuliveter was arrested last year and questioned by MI5 and MI6 officers on suspicion of spying, before the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced she would be deported.
On the first day of a dramatic hearing at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in London, lawyers acting for the Home Secretary portrayed Miss Zatuliveter as a femme fatale with a talent for seducing men in powerful positions.
But Miss Zatuliveter insisted she is innocent and laid out intimate details of Mr Hancock’s private life which were often closer to the script of a Carry On film than a James Bond
The Lib Dem who loved me Miss Zatuliveter was a 20-year-old European Studies student at St Petersburg University when she first met Mike Hancock in April 2006. She had volunteered to work as a “chaperone” helping delegates at a Russia-EU conference in Moscow and was assigned to the British delegation, which included Mr Hancock and the then Labour MP John Austin.
Mr Hancock asked her out for a drink and then dinner, which she accepted.
“He made it clear from the beginning that he was interested in me romantically,” said Miss Zatuliveter in a statement.
“He asked me back to his hotel room but I didn’t go. He tried to kiss me on the lips in the lounge of the hotel. He said he wanted to sleep with me.”
After she refused to go with Mr Hancock to his room at the Hilton hotel, he gave her a CD and some cash. She accepted the CD as a gift but refused the cash, and denied the MP had been “suspicious” of her, or that he thought she was a prostitute.
But she kept a diary in which she detailed her “strong personal feelings” for Mr Hancock, starting on the day she first met him, April 29, 2006. One of her diaries, with a Gustav Klimt painting on its cover, was handed to the judges as evidence.
In June 2006, when Mr Hancock was next in Moscow, she accepted an invitation to meet him, saying it was because she wanted to practise her English.
The Home Secretary alleges she had already been recruited by the Russian Intelligence Services (RIS) and was part of a “honeytrap” operation.
Jonathon Glasson, for the Home Secretary, said: “The real motivation was so you could develop a sexual relationship with him, wasn’t it? You knew exactly what was going to happen.”
She said “absolutely not”, but nevertheless she and the MP began an affair which continued when she moved to Britain that year to study Peace Studies at Bradford University, when she and the MP would meet for sex at weekends.CONTINUE

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