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The degree and the depth of corruption within the U.S. is simply mind-boggling to the average God-fearing American. Many of us have woken up to some facts on and off through-out our lives, but without a constant flow of information regarding the degree of corruption and its consistency, it was hard to connect the dots or to sustain that burning flame for very long.  So, I suspect the truth of mass corruption is somewhere in our collective consciousness, and may have further gained a foot-hold since the internet, 911, the Patriot Act, endless bailouts, Barack Obama, several wars and a media that we know is skewed (to choose a nice word).  
All that being said, I have known for many years that the drugging of our youth since the 1960's was a Communist plot, but, not really. Once again, fleeting information coming from the News Press and my own instincts fanned the flame of raging conspiracy, but the fuel for sustainability did not allow me to truly crystallize my thoughts.  Yes, it nags at us in the corners of our minds, what ever happened to the war on drugs?  
Alas, my point. I now must accept the fact that as Scripture says, "the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one", that verse is more true now than ever.  Communism has not ended. The Cold War has not ended. The destruction of the United States is still the goal of evil men, no doubt some with handle bar mustaches and images of Baphomet hanging on their office walls. The end game has not changed either, World Domination is still the grand prize.  There is a new player on the block of course in Radical Islam and their tyrannical and murderous Sharia which is every bit as evil as the Gulag's the Killing Fields the gas chambers or the starving of millions by Mao. 
It seems Satan has hedged his bets this time with the new player.  World Domination is a must for the final showdown to happen, in which that old Serpent, the Beast, loses in rather dramatic fashion and he shall lose BIG.  The stage is being set, many of the actors are playing their roles perfectly. Nations are lining up.  We are both participants and pawns, but we do have a choice in how we individually play out OUR final scene.  -W.E.

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