Donatella Versace: Mind Control Handler in H&M Ad (VIDEO)

Vigilant Citizen

This Versace ad (above) for H&M, featuring models Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld, is loaded with mind control triggers and symbolism. Directed by Jonas Akerlund (who directed quite a few videos featured on this site), the ad portrays Donatella Versace as an all-controlling, all-seeing handler who manipulates the models in all kinds of disorienting, restrictive situations.
Alter personas being pumped out of a conveyor belt under the "all-seeing" eyes of Donatella Versace.
Controlling the models like living, breathing puppets.
The model is running around in a scene inspired by Escher's painting "Relativity" - which is known to be used in actual mind control programming. A shadowy hand (the handler) picks the model up.
Model alter-personas mindlessly walking around a cage. Actual MK slaves are also caged up like animals.
There is also a labyrinth (classic MK trigger), a hamster wheel and many other symbols relating to the powerlessness and confusion of MK slaves.
Then Donatella turns around and says: “My house, my rules, my pleasure”. That’s what a mind control handler would say.

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