White House. Obama planning new bunker?
Why does Obama feel the need for the extra protection? Hmmm?  Gee, I can't imagine he would have any enemies?


Washington Post suspects construction work held outside Oval Office not merely utility infrastructure upgrades as US officials claim
Suspicious construction work carried out outside the White House's oval office for the past few months has prompted speculation a new bunker is being built in President Obama's official residence, the Washington Post reported Monday.
The report noted that a gaping hole ripping into the White House lawn was "so big it could easily fit the entire Cabinet — and maybe some members of Congress, too." Washington officials claim that “upgrades and replacement of utility infrastructure” are being performed.
According to information by General Services Administration (GSA), the White House's utility upgrade project began in May 2009. A GSA spokesman said that construction crews are replacing aging electrical, cooling, heating and fire alarm equipment.
"Those who work in the White House aren’t buying it," the report noted. "One told the New York Times that the work is 'security-related' and would ultimately create an expanded underground emergency operations center."
According to the GSA, the construction crews will eventually shift over to the north lawn by the East Wing and start digging there as well and the grounds will be restored to their original state. The White House already sports an underground Situation Room, which was renovated and expanded to 5,000 square feet in 2007, and the nuclear bomb shelter below the East Wing, where Vice President Richard B. Cheney was taken on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

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