New World Order Mind Control (VIDEO)

Are American's brainwashed? How can more than half of America not speak out or say hardly a word regarding the current crimes by elected officials against America? How do we sit back when our borders are open, leaving us vulnerable to attacks by people that want to kill us, especially in a time of war? How is it we do so little when over a TRILLION dollars has been taken from our national treasury and we sit back as trillions of dollars of debt are placed on the backs of our children and grandchildren- and we keep the same people in office, and the same parties in power who made these things happen?  Why do we allow illegal wars? Why do we say little as our media LIES to us incessantly and refuses to report the truth? Why are we putting up with Jihad training camps within our borders, or better yet, why don't we know this?  We give more rights to animals than we do the unborn, but we are silent. How is it that in 6000 years of recorded history, marriage has been defined by one man and one woman, but somehow we allow a small percentage of the population to convince us they know better and the family unit needs to be changed rather than protected? American's are constantly spied on by our own government, which of course is against the protection afforded to us by the Bill of Rights, camera's, drones, etc., to turn us into a Police State/Prison camp, little is said.  While many are concerned about not only the direction America is headed, but about the very foundation of our Republic, we do very little to affect change.  May I suggest, our silence, our ability to focus on "other" things and never make the disintegration of our nation a priority be due to our conditioning of mass media? Can we take it another step even and say that evil men know how to manipulate us into silence, like good sheeple? Is America an unknowing victim of psychological warfare by men who wish to control us for their gain and for "our best interest"? - W.E.

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