We must ask ourselves, do these Muslims look like they want to assimilate into America as Americans? We must ask ourselves, do they believe the Qur'an and the Hadith literally, especially the Surah's that tell them to kill the Christians and Jews? Do you trust that your government is actually watching every mosque in this country for terrorist groups? I promise you this; you will not see this video anytime soon on the new "Family friendly" TV Series,(propaganda)"All American Muslim". Radical "homegrown" Muslims have been arrested time and again within our borders, how many haven't been arrested? How many have access from abroad to perhaps a dirty bomb?
We have been infiltrated throughout the nation. Obama is allowing Muslims' entrance by the thousands every week in the North East. They are coming in through Mexico, and Hamas is working and established in Mexico, not far from the American border. We are truly a nation "under siege". Wake up America, and pray before it is too late. -W.E. 

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