Newt Gingrich Equates Secular Atheism with Radical Islam


Newt Gingrich, in a report by CBN, equated secular atheism with radical Islam saying both are equally passionate about destroying the American way of life. Gingrich said in this CBN report that ``Judeo Christians are under attack on two fronts - on one front you have a secular atheist elitism and on the other front you have radical Islamists and both groups would like to eliminate our civilization if they could - for different reasons but with equal passion``.

This logical understanding along with his historically accurate statement about the Palestinians being an ``invented people`` designation has endeared him to evangelicals and sounds very familiar to folks who take a literal view of scripture and actually know the truth about these issues.

So with these things to consider along with his repentance concerning his marital failures and his promise to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem perhaps he shouldn't be vilified on all fronts - and perhaps the American people wont need to hold their noses too tightly after all when entering the voting booth should Newt get the GOP nod.

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