Sheriff Joe: 'Show me the microfilm!'


Arizona lawman behind call for
original documentation of Obama's birth

 Sheriff Joe Arpaio came up with the idea to demand the original microfilm of Obama's birth certificate after he saw evidence from his Cold Case Posse in Maricopa County, Ariz., that the White House apparently released to the public three different versions of the long-form birth certificate.

"Show me the microfilm, not the copies the White House released," Arpaio has insisted.

What the White House released on April 27 were not original documents but purportedly scans of original birth documents that remain in the Hawaii Department of Health vault.

WND reported that in 1966, the Hawaii Department of Health provided microfilm copies to Mrs. Eleanor Nordyke of the birth certificates for her twins, born the day after Obama in the same hospital.

"Obama's birth certificate is either on that microfilm roll along with the Nordyke twins' birth certificate, or it's not," Arpaio said.

Sources close to the sheriff's law enforcement investigation explained to WND that Arpaio had come up with a solution to end almost immediately a controversy over the Obama birth certificate that has continued since 2008.

"If the microfilm exists, show us the reel. That's the best evidence the document existed in 1961, not the three different versions the White House released on April 27."

The White House released three versions of Obama's long-form birth certificate, each one of which appears fundamentally different from the other two.

If the long-form birth certificate the White House released was merely a scan of an original document held in the Hawaii Department of Health, critics ask, then why are the three different in appearance?

On the morning of April 27, the White House posted on its website a document purporting to be a scan of the original 1961 Obama birth certificate obtained from the vault records of the Hawaii Department of Health.

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As seen in Exhibit 1, the version of the birth certificate first displayed by the White House to the American public was an electronic PDF computer file that contained a green background clearly showing the green hash-marks of Hawaii Department of Health security paper.

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