SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME: Crazed gunman shouting “Allahu Akbar” goes on shooting spree in Hollywood

Great reporting, as eye-witnesses state that he was screaming "Allahu Akbar", but so-called reporters can't seem to figure out why "he went on this shooting rampage".  Well Skippy, it seems that the patients are running the asylum.-W.E.

Bare Naked Islam

Eyewitness says he heard the shooter repeatedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” (‘God is Great’ in Muslimese) as he fired at passing cars. LA Times says gunman went on shooting spree with ‘no apparent motive.’ Doesn’t mention the “Allahu Akbar” shouting.

LA TIMES  “He was screaming he was going to die and that he wanted to die,” witness Gregory Bojorquez said. (Anxious to meet his 72 virgins, I guess)

Gunman on ground sure looks like every other Islamic terrorist we’ve seen:


LAPD officers run with guns drawn to the suspected gunman after the shooting spree on Vine Street in Hollywood.

Willliam Wiles, a student at the Los Angeles Recording School, said he began recording video on his iPhone. A brief video, which he provided to The Times, shows a man in the intersection firing a shot at a pickup truck. The gunman was “being crazy and spastic,” eyewitness William Wiles said, firing randomily at passing cars on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood.

The gunman started shooting with no apparent motive. He was killed on Vine Street by Los Angeles police officers Friday morning. Man in a silver Mercedes Benz who was shot in the jaw is in critical condition, police said. The 40-year-old victim was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.
Sudden Jihadists shoots at driver of passing truck

Sudden Jihadists shoots at driver of passing truck

Other witnesses said the man was standing in the middle of the intersection, apparently “shooting randomly at cars and in the air,” said witness Gregory Bojorquez, who was on the way to the Bank of America. ”At first it seemed like a movie but then you could hear the shots hitting metal,” Bojorquez said.

Bojorquez said he then saw a plainclothes officer emerge from a squad car and order the gunman to get on the ground and surrender, but the gunman appeared to ignore him.

FF to 2:40 where eyewitness says gunman was shouting “Allahu akbar”

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