Mike with his family 2011
God Reports


An insatiable desire for extreme sports and dangerous living had left Mike Macy dry and empty. Then a Christmas visit with his “Jesus freak” sister altered the course of his life.
“I was so tired!” says Macy, the founder of “because Jesus loves Tibetans,” a ministry devoted to reaching Tibetan refugees in Europe. “Twenty-five years of running from God will leave you exhausted!”

Macy was raised in the church, but had little understanding of God’s Word. “It wasn’t surprising that I found myself quickly mired in sin,” he says.  “I wallowed there; using drugs rapidly led to selling drugs.”
“I soon began a pride-fueled quest for the applause of man to replace the love of my Heavenly Father,” he recalls. His journey to the dark side involved guns, bikers, dope-growers, extreme-sports, and exotic travel.
Macy tried anything that would feed his own glory, anything that would dull the ache of God’s absence.  “As the years crawled by, the memory of God dimmed,” he notes. “I became heavily involved in white-water kayaking, crazy runs down scary canyons and waterfalls by day and hallucinogenics by night.”
He admits he was taking enough illegal chemicals “to hospitalize a battalion of Marines.”
“I told myself lies about “finding-God-in-the wilderness’…but something inside was screaming: “EMPTY-EMPTY-EMPTY!!!” he says. “I was 36-years-old…my soul felt like 300. My heart was terribly soiled, my soul mangled, the final ‘spiral’ begun…and I could almost smell the damp grave reserved for me.”
Before Christmas in 1994 Macy got a call from his mother. “Your little sister has quit chiropractic college to become a missionary,” she said to his surprise.
“What could Mindy be thinking?” he asked. He told his mother not to worry, because he would meet Mindy in Seattle soon, and he would use that opportunity to bring her to her senses. Macy was unaware, however, that Mindy’s church of 250 people were all praying and fasting for his salvation.
He picked up Mindy at the Seattle/Tacoma airport just before Christmas, braced against the things his newly ‘saved’ sister might impart.
“So Min…Mom tells me you’ve become a religious-fanatic,” he said nonchalantly, as they drove away from the airport.
“Oh no Mike,” Mindy said, gently patting his arm. “I’m not a religious-fanatic…I’m a fundamentalist, bible-thumping-Jesus-freak, and YOU are a self-serving pile of phlegm, and have been for the last twenty five years. Mike, Jesus bought you with His blood…isn’t it time you gave yourself to Him?”
The words hit him like a two by four. Macy recalls he could hear the Holy Spirit clearly in this exchange, like a bartender at closing time saying: “Last call Mike.”
“Something hard and brittle broke inside me,” he recalls. “Years of sin and sorrow sloughed off me, leaving me new and un-stained.”
As the tears streamed down his face, Macy found himself laughing and crying, as he weaved among all four lanes of Interstate 5.
Mindy asked quietly: “Can I pray for you?
Ten minutes later, he stood at a cash register, with the biggest bible he could find on the counter. With a new boldness imparted by the Holy Spirit, he asked about the clerk’s salvation.
Mindy’s hand grabbed his arm. “This is a Christian book store Mike…I’m betting she’s probably saved.”  The girl nodded, grinning.
Macy turned to the line of customers behind him: “So…you all know Jesus then?”  There were more nods and more grinning. Mindy shook her head and chuckled.
They drove to the house on Camano Island to celebrate Christmas. This time – as never before — he felt God’s glory surrounding his family, and the joy of the Lord flooding into his heart.

Macy likes to cite this verse as he recalls that special Christmas, “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it?”

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