CAIR: Americas #1 Terrorist Threat

We are not afraid

Many people have a misconception of Islamic terrorism and falsely believe (based on inaccurate and biased media news agencies) that Al Qaeda, Hamas, The Taliban, etc… are America’s number one terrorist threat. Even our government from both sides of the aisle has led the American people to believe this. The truth is the ideology of Islam itself is America’s major concern and the terrorist based organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) promotes the violent aspects of Sharia law inside America. Sharia itself will be America’s downfall and CAIR (financed, promoted, and sponsored by Saudi Arabia) are destroying our country from the inside out.

Now what does ‘inside out’ actually mean in simple and non academic terms? It means that CAIR has for over 15 years built a source network that is several times better than the FBI or any other law enforcement department. CAIR has put money into the pockets of not only politicians, but inside law enforcement officer’s pockets, media, and 500 Fortune Corporations.

There are many people in non profit organizations that say they want to educate the American public on the threats our country faces from Islamic terrorism, but in reality most are only one notch above the media and two botches above politicians who are supposed to protect our country. This is the difference between the work I have conducted for many years and non profit organizations. I do not have to answer to anyone aside from my family and my professional ethics. I have no concern of what the media, politicians, or organizations such as CAIR think about my work which includes undercover research inside their organizations, our book (Muslim Mafia), my articles, or my lectures on Islamic based terrorist organizations. I operate the way our media used to operate decades ago before money and political correctness became their number one concern. Essentially I provide the American people the truth and most others provide the public what they are paid to say.

The media organizations from both the conservative and liberal sides have led the American people to believe it is either the Democrats or Republicans fault about our problems in national security areas. In reality it is both the Democrats and Republicans responsibility to protect our country’s interest, but both have failed and continue to fail.

Many readers assume just because we have not had attacks similar to September 11th, 2001, that our country is relatively safe. This is a grave danger to our country because we have a false sense of security. Terrorist organizations such as CAIR are operating safely across our country and they are backed by numerous politicians such as Congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota. It is sad for me to say but even President George Bush (a man I have respected) helps promote the illegal activities of CAIR when they have photograph sessions with their leaders.

I am a 24 year veteran and involved in several wars throughout my career. I always put our country and the American people above my own. As many American veterans have given their lives for our country there are hundreds of thousands more like me who would have sacrificed our lives for the best interest of our country. Not only are troops willing to give their lives for our country, but they have and are willing to give their lives to innocent civilians throughout Afghanistan and Iraq. One would think our government leaders would support U.S. veterans before they would assist terrorist based organizations such as CAIR, but this is not true. I could rattle off 50 plus top government leaders who provide material support to CAIR, and are unwilling to assist me in the work I have done in exposing CAIR and their advocates. Why? I do not have any influence in Saudi Arabia and I can not put money into their pockets. It is as simple as this. We have politicians who are wiling to move forward the violent ideology of Sharia law knowing it could harm even their own families. It is truly sad this is what our country has come to but the truth is so easy to find if one stays away from money media and go to news outlets that are based primarily on the internet.

By this time readers will want to know what they can do. I have always said for people to be ethical, professional, and stay within good morals, and they will find the truth. First conservative non profit organizations must begin exposing groups such as CAIR, Islamic mosques that advocate violence, and individuals who support these groups. Although I highly respect the Center for Security Policy (led by Frank Gaffney), I disagree with their approach on exposing specific Islamic groups, imams, and their supporters. It is no longer enough just to say there are Islamic threats in Florida, Texas, Michigan, etc… they must begin exposing specific people who support these groups. What does this mean? Recently CSP released the results of the Mapping Sharia Study which I had conducted with my team of researchers in 2007 and 2008. The study gave no credit to either my researchers or myself although we put our lives on the line to go inside terrorist supporting mosques and conduct research. The CSP study does not mention specific Imams or mosques that are providing material support to terrorist groups. Why? Again it comes down to pressure from politicians and media groups. Again I say I respect CSP,but they have fallen into the trap of being concerned with lawsuits and hard line tactics used by CAIR and the money coming from Saudi Arabia. During our study their was one such mosque in Nashville, TN that had material that not only promoted terrorism against our country and our people, but promoted child marriages in accordance with Sharia law. I ask readers to question CSP and ask why would they not want to expose the specific mosque and Imams promoting such acts? Do we put lawsuits above the safety of innocent Muslim children? I say no and this is why I am not currently working as the Director of the Mapping Sharia Project led by CSP. I put innocent people above my own interests and have no problem in exposing Imams and groups such as CAIR who behind the scenes are doing their ultimate best to destroy our country.


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