Judge Napolitano: What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul?

L.A. Marzulli

Congratulations if you are NOT a Ron Paul supporter (just like me) and have chosen to watch this anyway, because you respect the Judge (just like me)?  What if we are being manipulated into another war with a middle eastern country? You may want to watch this twice, just to be sure you know what you believe. (Just like me)

The media pundits tell us who is leading in the polls.  They all chime in chorus like and point to Mitt Romney and tell us that he’s the front-runner.  You will notice that most never mention Ron Paul, or dismiss him as a candidate who can’t win, so much for honest journalism.  How do they know Paul can’t win? Who made that decision?

In the last elections we  were told by then candidate Barack Obama, that he would close Gitmo, bring our boys home from Afghanistan…. last time I checked they were celebrating the 10th year anniversary at Gitmo and my neighbor’s son, who is a Marine, is still in waging war in Afghanistan.  So much for campaign promises.  Our congress is at the lowest approval rating in history.  We are trillions of dollars in debt.  Unemployment, while in some states dropped a bit recently is much higher than 10% in other states.  Foreclosures are at record levels.   We have 900 military bases world-wide, which by anyone's definition is an hegemony and now we are being manipulated to once again go to war, this time it will be with Iran.  I’m sure there will be another Gulf of Tonkin episode that will rally everyone to gear up the endless war machine and attack Iran.   I realize that the Iranians are perhaps not dealing with a full deck of cards, as they do have an apocalyptic mind-set when it comes to the destruction of Israel.  I get it, but why should interfere with what the Iranians or for that matter anyone else is doing?  I don’t see us rushing into Darfur to save the Christians who are being slaughtered by Muslims, which is real genocide happening in real-time.  I guess there’s no oil there…

The media is an out of control machine that on one hand can proclaim a man or women as king and the next, publicly eviscerate them, think Anthony Weiner, or anyone else that has been used to keep the American public distracted with endless bread and circus.

In closing today’s short post: I agree with Judge Napolitano that we manipulated at every turn, that what we think we see often is not reality.  Dr. Stan Monteith puts it this way…  reality is scoffed at and illusion is king.  We are living with an endless stream of media drivel as we know more about  Casey Anthony, Chaz Bono, or the latest antics of GaGa, then we do Ezekiel 38.  Meanwhile we are loosing our freedoms as out elected officials vote to detain suspected americans indefinitely without bringing charges against him or her.  We are so far beyond the pale that I wonder if we can ever get back to any standard of what was once a norm.   Take a minute a watch the video as I believe it will get you thinking… Please check out the Other News links at the bottom of this post.  The perfect storm is gathering and soon it will break as the Middle East will erupt into war,  the Euro will crash, followed by the dollar and gas prices will sky rocket.  I believe we will also see commodities double in price.  These are tenuous times and we need to understand that we are caught in what I believe is the final end game of the Prince of the power of the air.   Who rules the airways?  Is there a dark cabal of men and women behind the scenes, a brotherhood of darkness as Dr. Stan calls them?

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