The Muslim Brotherhood, facebook and you–yes you

Let's face it, we make it so easy for them to put us on an enemies watch list, don't we?
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Bonnie from Bare Naked Islam likes to say it’s not Islamophobia if they’re really trying to get you.  She’s right.

More to he point it might be Christopobia of Jewophobia that makes Muslims behave the way they do– I honestly believe that Liberal are really Islamophobic, they’re the ones that get paranoid and whine about what the Islamic Radicals might do if you hurt their feelings..
If the Muslims aren’t suffering from a combination of Christophobia and Jewophobia why is the Muslim Brotherhood using facebook to spy on every person in the United States and probably Canada and the rest of the world to spy on non Muslims.  All you have to do is type in the magic words Muslim Brotherhood.  As soon as you do, whatever you are saying magically goes to a special facebook page operated by them..
A grumpy member found this out by accident yesterday when she posted something with the words  Muslim Brotherhood in it,,  Here’s a screen shot.. of the Brotherhood’s page after she make her facebook post…

Funny thing, I know everyone on that page except the swine that own it.
Here’s the link, type something about the Muslim Brotherhood on your facebook page and see what comes up here

Muslim Brotherhood Friends Page

Who do you recognize when you try it?
I blurred the names on the screenshot as a precaution–Over the years the Muslim Brotherhood has been tied to thousands of murders and was generally considered a terrorist organization until Obama became President..  Now he has several members of the Muslim Brotherhood working for him.   One of Secretary of State Clinton’s top aids has family members in the Muslim Brotherhood.  I’t sort of difficult for me to understand how an organization that’s been anti American, anti-Jewish and anti-Christian for over 70 years has now reformed..
The next obvious question is how is it done.  I’m no techie, but I cannot see how it is possible without facebook’s knowledge and cooperation.  The company isn’t know for being able to protect users information- Just recently Mark Zuckerberg’s Personal Facebook page was hacked– It’s his damned company, he’s not safe and he runs the company..  I also know the company runs a page that works the same way for his good friend Barack Obama. take a look.

 Obama Facebook Intimidation Page

Scary isn’t it– You type anything related to Barack Obama or the Muslim Brotherhood on your facebook page and someone you don’t know, and probably who probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart knows about it instantly.

So they’re doing it for Obama and they’re doing it for an organization with over 70 years of Anti American History behind them.. Who else are they doing it for, and why.

Zuckerburg is a big Obama Fan so I can understand that– I kinda hope the value of a page like that is included in his Campaign Funding Records I don’t know what face book normally charges o openly spy on all their members but I’m fairly sure it’s more than I have in my wallet. If the government is paying for it– that could be construed as a direct and intentional violation of the Privacy Acts– they were enacted into law because of Richard Nixon​’s spying on the American People– Of course that’s the sort of behavior we’ve come to expect out of the President.

The bigger question is why is facebook spying on it’s members, in particular Americans and Canadians for a Terrorist Connected Organization like the Muslim Brotherhood.

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