AMERICA'S NAVY — A Global Force for Good (Version 2)

Apparently the theme of "A Global Force for Good" is a few years old. Maybe I am a little late coming to this party, but I am just wondering when the U.S. Navy, part of the "Department of Defense" became a "global force for good? I bet the U.N. is just thrilled with this.  Of course, the idea of "good" is left up to the Commander and Chief of the U.S. Military, and I don't think ours has a clue of what is "good" for the American people.  Call me old-fashioned, but I sure like the idea of our military, including our Navy being a force to protect the United States, and if necessary, her allies.  Being the global police of the world, isn't anywhere I can find in the U.S. Constitution, you know, that 230+ year old document that worked really well up until the point that some in the government deemed it, "evolving".   
The brief commercial is below.  Several more with this same theme can be found at the Navy's You-Tube channel. -W.E.


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