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What has Happened to the Rule of Law in Our Country?

Brian Kemp, Secretary of State, Georgia
It is with great sadness that I post this.  More news as it becomes available.
Kemp Upholds Deeply Flawed Georgia Ballot Challenge Ruling
By GeorgeM at Obama Ballot Challenge
7 February, at 12 : 07 PM
Well, it appears that GA Secy of State Kemp has upheld Malihi’s denial of the ballot challenges.
Last Friday’s ruling (see transcripts) on the Obama Eligibility Challenge cases of attorneys Hatfield, Irion and Taitz was so over the top absurd, that it may cause tectonic shifts in the movement’s aproach to Obama’s obvious ineligibility.
Attorney Mark Hatfiled offered his strong RESPONSE to the Friday ruling by Malihi.
Taitz offered her APPEAL. No attorney has fought more battles in this war, nor suffered more defeats and ridicule.
Kemp, who previously said he would follow the recommendations, was presented with a dilemma. The question was, would he follow recommendations which obviously not only ignored, but twisted law and facts into a pretzel shape? Now we know the sad answer. There are precedents for SOS overruling of administrative judge rulings, even for Judge Malihi.
There appeared to be reasons for hope, when the Secretary of State assigned the Ballot Challenge cases to Malihi, when Malihi struck down motions to dismiss, to cancel subpoenas for Obama’s appearance in court and to compel providing documents.
When Obama attorney Jablonski tried to make an end run around Mahili’s court and quash the entire hearing, Kemp fought back and even said Obama and his attorney’s boycott would be at their peril.
In judge’s chambers, Mahili supposedly wanted to declare default judgment and the attorneys resisted, favoring an open hearing with evidence formally read into the record. They had only two hours to plead the biggest political scandal in history.
At this point, reasonable people need to contemplate whether we even have rule of law anymore and whether it could even be restored via working within the system. I am hearing much talk of extraordinary measures. God help us.
Secretary of State Upholds Decision by Judge Michael Malihi.  File is here.

Welcome to the New Banana Republic of the USA!

UPDATE:  Final Decision (click to enlarge)

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