“Occupy Unmasked” Movie Trailer Released at CPAC

Not sure they still give X ratings, I thought that had changed to NC-17 years ago, but if so, I won't be watching it. That said, this sounds like information that drastically has to get out to millions of people deceived to believe this movement somehow will help America.  Oh it does help, just not in the direction we need to take this nation...which is back to her roots. -W.E.


A room full of media at CPAC Thursday was privy to an advance screening of the  ”Occupy Unmasked” trailer, the first glimpse of large-scale effort to document the true nature of the Occupy Movement. The movie is a project of Citizens United partnering with Stephen K. Bannon, director of The Undefeated, along with Andrew Breitbart, Lee Stranahan, and whistleblower hero Brandon Darby.  Word has it that the graphic nature of the Occupy footage contained in “Occupy Unmasked” not only reveals the Occupy movement for what it is, but also is so graphic that the movie may be given an “x” rating. Can’t wait.

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