Obama's communist ties, as attested by his own words that (dyed in the wool communist) Frank Marshal Davis was his mentor, and "spreading the wealth around"(Ask Joe the Plumber), along with an entire litany of Bills (Obamacare, NDAA, etc,,) Executive Orders, Czars (they agree with Mao that power comes largely from the barrel of a gun, don't you know) and that one tiny little detail that he can't seem to provide a birth certificate, social security number or selective service registration that isn't a FRAUD, yet pays MILLIONS (where did he get THAT money) to attorney's to keep his background, well, in the background...this guy, you know with TWO NAMES, one Barry Soetoro, one that sounds more, oh I don't know, ISLAMIC(?) that he goes by today, AND other associations like say terrorist Bill Ayers that he shared office space with for something like 3 years and of course his loving Pastor the very Reverend Wright who "damns" America, call me paranoid I know, but this KENYAN, LYING POTUS says on a "hot" mic to a not so friendly Russian leader, "hey, tell Putin that this will be my last election and then I will be more flexible.".....might possibly have more to do with FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERIKA then it does with say, human rights violations regarding the 40 journalists that Putin has had killed in Russia.  Must be me...because certainly the COMPLICIT MEDIA SURE IS SILENT.  Just sayin'. -W.E.

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