Iran – Just the Facts Please!

L.A. Marzulli

North Korea tested Iranian warhead or “dirty bomb” in 2010 for $55m 
….North Korea had tested an Iranian “dirty bomb” – i.e. a conventionally detonated device containing nuclear substances. Tritium would boost its range, force and lethality.
A friend of mine pointed out that a fact is something that is true.  In the 1950′s TV show Dragnet, Officer Friday, in his dead-pan delivery admonished the person he was questioning, “Just the facts ma’am.”  It’s Monday morning and here are the facts.
1. Iran is engaged in a nuclear program.  They tell us it’s for peaceful purposes and they would never use it against Israel.
2. Iran has also stated that they want to wipe Israel off the map.  (I see a conflict here with point #1!)
3. Every Friday thousands gather in Tehran, Iran, and chant, death to America and death to Israel.
4. The Israeli’s have stated that the Iranian bomb is an existential threat to Israel.
5. Russia has declared that an attack on Tehran is an attack on Moscow.
6. Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if she is attacked.
7. Iran threatened to destroy American cities with weapons of mass destruction if they were attacked.
8. Iran has declared the Jews are vermin.
9. Israel is now surrounded by hostile countries that are under the sway of the Moslem Brotherhood.
10. Iran has a missile delivery system that is capable of hitting Tel Aviv and as far as Europe.
In the article above we are told that the Iranians may have hired the North Koreans to test either a live nuke or a dirty nuke.  This begs the questions why would the Iranians spend 55 million dollars to do this?  The short answer, which I believe is the elephant in the room that the UN, and most of the worlds nations won’t mention, is that Iran wants the bomb to use against Israel.  The Iranians also want to establish a Shia Caliphate and dominate the region.  They also want control of the Moslem holy sites of Mecca, Medina and of course The Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
I was at dinner last night with friends who are pastors.  We were discussing WWIII, Israel and end times prophecy.  I stated that perhaps my greatest concern was the Iranians acquiring the bomb and then using it as an EMP – an Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon.  Essentially this is a nuke that is detonated 200 miles above the earths surface, the result being that it shorts out all of our electronics… everything!  In essence we would be living in pre-industrial revolution times.  In Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural, I put forth the idea of dirty bombs being deployed in American cities.
In closing today’s post:  Iran is well on its way to acquiring a nuke, if she doesn’t already have one.  How safe is the world knowing what the Iranians have stated regarding to their intentions toward Israel and the USA?
The question that is being discussed in the halls of power is in regard to this.  Can a world trust a country like Iran when it has stated emphatically that it wants the destruction of Israel and the US?  If the answer to this is No, then what is our recourse?  Sanctions are not working, so the only other solution is a military strike.  However, as I stated above, Russia has sided with Iran…. Complex isn’t it?  Is this the prelude to WWIII?  Are we looking at the prophecies of Ezekiel about to be fulfilled?

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