Mainstream Media Baldfaced Lies About Sharia Bill, Makes Up News Stories, Reports it as fact

Atlas Shrugs

Atlas has long exposed the enemedia's role in the war on American people. Long ago the media abdicated its role as public suervant in the dissemination of news and investigative journalism. It morphed from passive propagandists to radical activist arm of the leftist/islamic alliance. Their goal to misinform, decieve and disarm the American people in order to advance their collectivist, statist programs.

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Today the enemedia entered a new phase. Make news up that hasn't happened in order to make it so.  The Florida newspapers today "reported" the sharia law dead. lml. Why are these newspapers and their "reporters" spreading disinformation and lies. SB1360 is ON THE CALENDAR FOR TODAY
The wire services prounced the the bill dead this morning. How could it be on the calendar for today if it was dead?
And BTW, the bill has nothing to do with Jews but they love to throw them in there. They attempt to comfalte sharia with Canon law and Jewish law and they are not even remotely alike. Sharia asserts authority over non-Muslims. Jewish law and Canon law do not. Further, there is no compulsion in Jewsih law or Canon law. Both are voluntary. there is nothging voluntary under the sharia.

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