Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases Preliminary Findings on Obama Birth Certificate


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"To quell the popular idea that Obama was actually born outside the United States, we examined the Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service cards routinely filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights that originated outside the U.S. in the month of August, 1961.  Those records are housed in the National Archives in Washington D.C.  Interestingly, records from the days surrounding Obama’s birth, August 1st  1961 to August 7th, 1961 are missing.  This is the only week in 1961 where these immigration cards cannot be found."

" I want to make this perfectly clear. I am not accusing the sitting President of the United States of committing a crime but there remain a lot of questions which beg for answers and we intend to move forward with this investigation in pursuit of those answers, hopefully with the cooperation of all parties involved" - Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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