What Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done, with his "cold-case Posse", has very clearly demonstrated that the vast majority of the media have no interest in truth, but in carrying out the Marxist government of an illegal President. What most Americans, that are not asleep nor brain-washed by the media elites, would be thrilled to find out that Obama is a real American, and not a Manchurian Candidate. We would be very happy to learn that he is just a BAD President that can be voted out of office through a legitimate democratic voting process.

But the truth is Sheriff Joe is quoted as saying, as reported by the Arizona Republic, “Not one reporter ever asked about the evidence or the case itself.”

Evidence demonstrates, America has been taken-over by a President (and Regime) that speaks the words on his teleprompter, that appeases a large percentage of American's, but acts in a way that is Fundamentally Transforming America into a Socialist Police State.

Are we so naive to believe that the Senior Advisor and speech-writer to the President, David Axelrod who is the great grandson of Marxist and revolutionary Leon Trotsky is just a coincidence?

While many of us are right to look at Obama and his circle of revolutionaries as a grave threat to our Republic, let us not forget, and not support(including their sponsors) the infiltrated media, who are an enemy of the people, that props up this false President, suppresses the truth, and is complicit in destroying our Republic with a wink, a nod and a "we know better than the peasants" attitude. - W.E.

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