The Entire Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference March 31

I did not really think I would spend 2 hours watching this press conference, that had no press.  Check that, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE PRESS, and from that perspective it was a press conference. 

At the beginning, and sarcastically the crowd was asked, "Is ABC here?" (laughter) "NBC, CBS, CNN"? (More laughter)  "How about the conservative Fox News?"  (laughter again) Someone in the crowd yells, "Where's Hannity?".  Point taken.  No press in attendance, although one State Senator had the guts to come. 
This is something that I hope you watch and send to your local Pastor and Tea Party group, and so on and so on.  The evidence is overwhelming that both the live form birth certificate (LFBC) and Obama's Selective Service Registration are fraudulent. Obama's Presidency, like the man is a fraud. Our Republic is in big trouble my friends.   It is also obvious and mentioned on the video and by the Sheriff himself that this is a media blackout, like no other.  Threats have been made to media outlets, and it was postulated they may be coming down from the pernicious George Soros and his operatives.  Stopping this crime is up to us, because it is against us and there is no one else to fight.   If you have been in the dark or just avoided this issue, please set aside two hours,  pop some popcorn and watch this. Please.  And then tell at least one more person, or everyone in your address book. WE CAN'T BE SILENT.   
I believe if we prevail, this video or parts thereof, will be watched for years to come as historical to what is transpiring in our nation because these indeed are historic times.  If of course Obama and his plan to destroy America is successful and his plan to rebuild AmeriKa after his image comes to fruition, this will be scrubbed.   
As always, cover yourself in prayer, at the end of the day, this is a spiritual battle. -W.E.


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