Do you think all of the cover-ups going on today inside of our government could have happened without the CIA involved and that real American's would have stopped this insanity a long time ago? I am talking about not closing our borders when every other nation in the world does. I am talking about running up $16Trillion in debt which will destroy us.  I am talking about the media not telling the truth. I am talking about a President who has CZARS that are Communists and Maoists. I am talking about the Bill or Rights waning but the Communist Manifesto coming to fruition before our eyes. I am talking about the Police State that has turned us into a GIANT PRISON, and no one reports on it. I am talking about our Politicians that have made millions of Americans dependent upon their hand outs.   The list is endless. 
Has the CIA ever been anything but a rouge for Russia? Are American's duped?- W.E. 


See the memorable moment of truth in the movie, Chinatown, where Barack Obama is revealed. Here, Washington D.C. is being brutally interrogated by an outraged John Q. Public, PI.

“He’s CIA.” (Slap!)

“I said I want the truth!”

“He’s Communist.” (Slap!) “He’s CIA.” (Slap!) “He’s Communist, he’s CIA.” (Slap! Cry of pain. Slap!)

“I said I want the truth!” (Crash.)

(Cry of pain.) “HE’S COMMUNIST AND CIA!” (Weeping.)

I have tended to let others do the Obamology, especially since letting my blog, Investigating Obama fly mostly on autopilot, after taking on the publishing of this Gulag Bound Webzine. But along with his obvious Marxism, the hypothesis that Obama has been protected by, has even worked with and for United States intelligence, has also played on my mind since the beginnings of his putatively presidential term.

The incestuous liaisons, of various entities and individuals of American intelligence agencies, with leftist, statist, and globalist politicians, and corrupt anti-American financiers and foundations – also their adulterous relations with the United Nations, transnational NGO’s, corrupt transnational corporations, and foreign intelligence apparatuses (including but not limited to the KGB) – have been documented in numerous places, some of it in Gulag Bound. Books have been written and more could be added.

The following two videos came under my nose in close succession yesterday. I think it is high time their messages be put together.

Dear Cliff and Trevor,

I know you have been skeptical of Wayne Madsen and his research, in large part due to his own leftist family history.

I think it would be good to look more carefully into this and it is likely you will find Wayne Madsen more right than wrong about Barack Obama and the CIA. There has been simply too much protecting, scrubbing, and falsifying of records going on and it began in earnest well before his presidency. There are also too many close associations, for this to be dismissed.

Add to this, the signature of the massive pressure put upon the U.S. news media, not to publish the problematic facts and mysteries of Obama’s identity and development, but to instead, where put on the spot, ridicule efforts to expose them.

As you know, U.S. intelligence has been a battleground of patriots vs. globalist, Jacobin statists, from at least the days of Wilson. Operation Paperclip hardly helped, nor the subsuming work of the Department of Homeland Security (“Homeland” as distinct from “National”). And now we have Global Governance 2025, to show who has been winning that hushed warfare within our own intelligence “services.”

We understand the eagerness and ambition of Alex Jones and some of the leanings of Madsen, but you may want to take another look, beginning with this interview. It is presented in three YouTube segments; please be patient to get past the first.

Respectfully yours,

As for the video I happened to notice just after the above, consider something else many have known: that not only has Barack Obama been presented us for the U.S. Presidency, but at least two other heavily Communist-tainted candidates before him, John Kerry and Bill Clinton.

Where do we go now?

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