Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 8: Team Obama & the Islamists


The Obama administration has greatly exacerbated the penetration of the U.S. government achieved during the George W. Bush administration.

This part of the course will concentrate on illustrative examples of Muslim Brotherhood-associated individuals who have been allowed access to – and, in some cases, given positions In the Obama administration. This part is a case study of Rashad Hussain, Huma Abedin, Daliah Mogahed, Kifa Mustapha, Momamed Elibiary, and Mohamed Magid. As we will see, taken together, such people and policy initiatives have advanced considerably the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad against the United States, here at home and overseas.

Key Findings in Part 8

The precedents, personnel and policies promoted during the George W. Bush administration have metastasized dramatically under his successor.
Some individuals with close personal and professional ties to the Muslim Brotherhood have been appointed to senior and influential positions in the Obama administration. Others have been given access in more informal advisory roles.

Six of this Islamist cohort are profiled in the course:

Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Rashad Hussein; Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Huma Abedein; Presidential advisor Dalia Mogahed; FBI Citizen’s Academy graduate Kifah Mustafa; Homeland Security Advisory Committee Member Mohamed Elibiary and Homeland Security Countering Violent Extremism Working Group Member Mohamed Magid.
Such individuals have clearly had an impact on U.S. policy under President Obama in ways that advance the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad and the efforts of other Islamists to compel our submission to shariah.

Discussion Topics

What is a hafiz of the Quran and what are the implications of one serving in a senior position in the U.S. government?
Should the fact that an individual has family members in prominent positions with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organization preclude them from serving in the U.S. government?
Can shariah-adherent Muslims honestly swear to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”? Is it realistic to expect them to fulfill that oath?
What are the implications of the President of the United States taking advice from a woman who believes “The majority of women around the world associate gender justice, or justice for women, with sharia compliance”?
Should individuals identified as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorism financing be precluded from participating in such community outreach initiatives as the FBI’s “citizen academies”?
Should a Muslim member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Committee who has been given a security clearance be held to the same standards for safeguarding classified information as others with such access?
Should membership in and leadership of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front in the United States – the Islamic Society of North America – disqualify someone from serving in official or advisory capacities in the federal or any state government?

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