Martial Law Training in St. Louis MO/Army Prepares Tanks For War On America

It's late and I am tired...but I won't sleep well tonight.   It was just two weeks ago that we posted a story about military moving through Michigan and reports of a bomb and other mayhem (here) With the pressure mounting on Obama due to Fast and Furious as well as Sheriff Joe Arpaio's work..AND the election looming ever closer it seems that preparations for Martial Law may in fact be happening. 
Below are two stories discussing TANKS ROLLING THROUGH THE STREETS OF AMERICA...don't look folks, all the video has been scrubbed, but you can see it here.  Does this mean that an economic collapse is also imminent, as discussed (or planned) at the latest G20? - W.E.


According to KSDK reporter Casey Nolen, a one week training exercise is being conducted from June 22nd to 29th in Saint Charles County, Saint Louis, Missouri. 

“Training Exercises” such as this have been occurring more frequently and a very credible link can be drawn between this exercise and a recent DHS Informant who indicated that plans are being made for Martial Law due to Civil Unrest or War., whose news slogan is “Where the News Comes First”, posted a brief video and explained away the training as “Army Training” – yet military troops training on the streets is highly unusual and rare.
The video and brief coverage lacks any depth and is a disservice to their readers; some were so alarmed that many thought Martial Law was in progress. The coverage is a video titled Don’t be alarmed; U.S. Army training in North City, with a warning as pathetic as the coverage – St. Louis City residents should not be alarmed if they see military vehicles in their neighborhoods.”
The video starts out with an ominous statement by KSDK’s Mike Bush that, “Heavily Armed Vehicles are rolling into town, and while they come in peace, there are all kinds of rumors about why they are here.”
This event was not very prominent on the news site. No additional information seems to be available on which is owned by Gannet Company who owns a major segment of media.
Gannet Companies owns Army Times Publishing Company – publications include Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times, Marine Corps Times, Defense News and Federal Times. It’s important to note that there is no mention of this week long “Military Exercise” on the Army Times site. That would indicate that the exercise is either classified or the public awareness was to be kept to a minimum – why?
Research information on Gannet Company Assets is available at Wikipedia.

Now, let’s cover the recent release of information from a DHS Informant that was broadcast in an interview with Private Investigator Doug Hagmann. In the May 2nd interview, Doug reveals some disturbing inside information and recent moves that indicate martial law may possibly be implemented before the year. One can download the interview at or with this MP3 link.

From Info Wars: 

Army Prepares Tanks For War On America

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