"They are Sleepwalking into Oblivion"


Towards the end of the interview Tommy Robinson gives some serious words of warning:  

"It’s like they’re sleep-walking into an oblivion.
I don’t think they will realise how quickly, at the click of your fingers, your country will be the same.
Because it will happen, it’s just like - it’s not - it just so gradually happens; it’s so quick, it’s so… I mean, like, you just turn around, and, ‘Oh my God!’ Like certain estates in Luton, it’s like within five years - ‘Oh my God! The whole estate, all the schools are now Muslim - what’s happened?’

And yet, it’s just like overnight. And that’s because of the birth rate. And it’s so terrifyingly quick, the way it can just, within one generation, it can change a whole town. Within one generation.

People have to stand up now, before it happens. I wish what we’re doing now, I could have been around twenty years ago to do in Luton now. To stop the town descending the way it has. To stop the Saudi-funded Wahhabi Islamists sects getting such a grip on the town that they have. To stop them controlling the streets the way they do.

 If you wish to control an area, the first thing you have to do is control the streets, so you have like a street-formed jihad, where they put their muscle on the streets, and they attack people, so they control the areas. And that’s what we’re seeing.

We should always look and learn from history.  I can’t believe Britain has not learned from Lebanon. I can’t believe Britain has not looked around the world and [isn’t] learning now from Nigeria and Sudan. I can’t believe we haven’t learned in 1400 years of history of Islam. I can’t believe we haven’t looked to history. Cause that’s what we need to do: look to history to see what’s going to happen in Britain.

 Now, Canada and America, countries like, in North America, they should be looking now, thinking, ‘We don’t want that! Look what’s happening now in Britain!’ And it’s going to happen. It’s not IF it happens, it’s just WHEN it happens.
It’s coming to a town near you, coming to a country near you, unless you stand up, be brave, put your life to it, and dedicate it, and then stop it."

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