Behind the Big News


Most Americans know the mainstream media manipulates stories, manufactures illusions, and exploits fears. But the reason is more than just liberal bias or sloppy reporting. Behind the Big News exposes a revolutionary agenda -- originating outside the media -- that defines today's headlines. This powerful and fast-paced video examines some of the biggest news stories in recent decades to discover how this subversive agenda is promoted. Behind the Big News also reveals an effective strategy to overcome this ongoing assault on American freedom.

Links to informative news articles by The New American magazine further exposing the major media establishment:

Behind the Bias
Instead of investigating and exposing the actions of the power elite, the major media are complicit in that elite's drive for total control.

Many Channels, No Choice
Many Americans think that news and entertainment providers differ from one another. In reality, the same global cabal essentially controls them all.

The Dogs That Don't Bark
A watchdog will not bark at a burglar if it recognizes him as a friend. The mainstream media's failure to "bark" at Communism's crimes speaks volumes about its loyalty.

Walter Duranty's Lethal Lies

"They Went That Way!"
The establishment mediameisters have compiled a proven record for concealing crimes and diverting public attention to side issues or completely fabricated stories.

Expertly Using "Experts"
Leftist media organs selectively use so-called experts to propagandize the masses on behalf of a statist agenda.

Using Hate to Feed the State
The case of Trent Lott illustrates the establishment media's use of a totalitarian tactic described in George Orwell's 1984.

Public Consensus Con Game
Time after time, the media deception artists have aided the ongoing revolutionary agenda by portraying radical schemes as "the will of the people".

Missing Alternatives
On many vital issues, the major media seek to prevent Americans from considering any alternatives that do not further the goals of the media's globalist masters.

The Whole Bag of Tricks
On behalf of a clandestine power elite, the media cartel is using every trick available to subvert traditional values.

Understanding the News
With the major news outlets working to further the agenda for a socialist new world order, Americans can and must learn to see through the slanted reporting.

Presetting the Dials
The opinion cartel not only picks the issues and establishes the framework for debate, but creates whatever causes and personalities it needs.

Bread and Circuses
Mass entertainment focusing on emotional and sensory stimulation has put Americans in danger of suffering the fate of the Romans, who entertained themselves into oblivion.

Wild Statements?!
When the major media were assuring us that Castro was not a Communist, a lone voice in the wilderness had the temerity to claim otherwise.

McCarthy Targeted — Again
Media spin aside, newly released transcripts from Senator Joseph McCarthy's closed committee hearings validate his efforts to expose subversive forces in our government.

McCarthy's "Witches"

Patrick Buchanan: Targeted for Destruction

Vilifying the Right

Fabricating a Smear

No Enemies on the Left

Totally Radical!
The real radicals in Congress have openly embraced Marxist subversives and Communist front groups with nary a peep from the establishment media.

Media Trumpeting for War

CNN Supports Global Police

Media Deception on Display
NBC's recent news hoax concerning GM trucks is just one of countless examples of media deception.

Out-FOXing Conservatives

Media-Disinformation Complex

The Rest of the Story
When it comes to describing the so-called "news coverage" of the South African election, words like "biased" and "slanted" don't begin to do justice. The Establishment press made the event into a blatant, shameless propagandafest, plain and simple.

Conspiracy Realities
The Internet and talk radio abound with ridiculous rumors and falsehoods dealing with conspiracy. Yet, there are many examples of the real thing.

The Power of Truth

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