BREAKING! Florida Judge Issues Ruling in Obama Eligibility Case!

Another Judge defies the truth and refuses to hear the case regarding Obama's eligibility.  Surprising? No, not so much.  The Judge agreed with Obama attorney's because, um.. "technically Obama has not been nominated yet", and oh yeah, because "Obama", the Judge said in his ruling, "was born in the United States." Huh? 
Anyway, the Circus that is in town, also known as the Judicial, Executive and Legislative branches, sure can put on quite the show, can't they folks?  It's get a little old from my vantage point however.  I am ready for the new act to step in.  Sheriff Joe as a matter fact has a scheduled press conference on July 17th.  
At this point, I am thinking Sheriff Joe can show video footage of Obama as the other shooter in the JFK assassination and the media will laugh, yawn and cover it up. 

 An appeal process will surely come.   Hear the details from Carl Gallups.


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