Dearborn Muslim Charged with Nine Counts of Attempted Murder for Trying to Kill Street Preachers Outside the Islamic Center of America

I will say right off the bat and it is meant with gentleness, that I am not a big fan of my fellow Christians decrying America as a Christian nation. That is debatable statement for one thing and I just don't think helps the cause of Christ. It will immediately draw the ire of those who see things differently putting them on the offense. (Yes, I know that the Supreme Court ruled it so more than 100 years ago) 

I think of our Lord's command: 

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

My point being, and I wasn't there so its just a word of caution, we must not in our witness confuse sharing our faith with  a political or even patriotic exercise.  They are two completely different things.  The cross always comes before the flag and must remain distinct.

Importantly, let me say that a peaceful assembly with signs, that speak the truth are guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. It's called free speech.  Let me also say that within the Body of Christ are many members, all called to serve the Lord in differing capacities, and I for one will trust that these men were doing what the Lord called them too and I support what they are doing 99.9%.  

If a group of Muslims turn up at my church this Sunday, holding signs outside, I am not offended.  I welcome the opportunity for peaceful discourse.   Not so with these radicals in Dearborn.  They want to SHUTDOWN free speech, they want to ENSLAVE ALL OF AMERICA WITH SHARIA.  It is the stated goals of the Qur'an, and that is a book billions hold up as the word of Allah.  It is a threat to everyone, and it should be confronted.   The Muslim loving media will not cut Christians any slack and you can here this in the commentary on the first video.

Lastly, it is no coincidence that so many Muslims are coming to America, what Satan means for evil you could say, God means for good.  For hundreds of years the missionaries to Islamic countries have seen minimal fruit, much persecution and the workers are few.  Now, they have come to the largest mission field in the world...the United States...and they are hearing a message that will rattle their cages, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  After all Galatians 5:11 tells us that the preaching of the cross is offensive!  And to them that are perishing it is foolishness. 1 Cor. 1:18    


Remember this? Pig flying moment in Dearborn.
Dearborn Muslim Charged with Nine Counts of Attempted Murder for Trying to Kill Street Preachers Outside the Islamic Center of America Answering Muslims
I heard about this when I was still in Michigan, but I didn't want to post anything until I had some documentation. I waited for the Detroit Free Press and other local media to report the story, but I gave up after more than a week of searching. Fortunately, Gadi Aldeman (GA) interviewed Ruben Israel (RI) and posted the disturbing news over at Front Page Magazine.

On Sunday, June 17th, 2012, Ruben Israel's
group of street preachers went to the Islamic Center of America (the same mosque I had visited two days earlier). While the group was preaching, a Muslim emerged from the mosque, got into his SUV, and tried to run them over. Mosque security naturally blamed the preachers for provoking him.

Everyone should take note here. Ruben Israel's presence at the Dearborn Arab Festival was national news. The media jumped at the chance to show images of intolerant Christians harassing Muslims (check out
Niraj Warikoo's coverage over at the Detroit Free Press). While I have no objections to calling attention to (and criticizing) the actions of Ruben Israel and his associates, we should all be horrified to realize that nine counts of attempted murder by a Muslim isn't even considered newsworthy by local media in Michigan.

Here's an excerpt from Aldeman's

GA: Now give me the exclusive; what happened on Sunday?

We were at the Arab fest on Friday. On Sunday we went to the mosque in Dearborn.

Were you on mosque property or out on the side walk?

What mosque doesn’t have a sidewalk, but we stood by the street where the side walk would be. Of course the Dearborn Police showed up instantly. We were able to use our megaphone. We were able to fly our banners and there was no problem. The officers said everything was fine and we’re doing good. There were 2 squad cars and they flanked us just to make sure we were safe. Some of the Muslims came out and were screaming at us and we yelled back and forth and we did not go on their property, and according to police it was fine.

Unfortunately, one of the Muslims got in his SUV, drove up over the hill, accelerated and came right at us where we were standing. This guy came directly at us and we had to jump out of the way and he came screaming by us. Both of the police cars stopped him, pulled him out and cuffed him and he showed no remorse. The police actually have it on video because both police cars had there dash cameras on, so it’s not like it’s my word against his.

Then mosque security came out and said that they knew this guy and that we provoked him and the Dearborn Police officer yelled at the security guard and told him if he didn’t back off he would also be arrested for hindering a police investigation.

Did the guy in the SUV pull over or was he forced to?

They had to block him in. Once he was on the street they were headed his way and he was blocked in. They threw him against the car, cuffed him, frisked him, checked his car and again. It’s not like we can make this up. He is now officially charged with 9 counts of attempted murder.

This never hit the news, not even in Dearborn?

No, of course not, but if I had attempted to run down a Muslim that would be the head news on CNN, CBS, NBC, but when a Muslim wants to take out 9 Christians. We were the visiting team. This guy may walk; he has the potential to walk. At the very best they may take away his library card for a few weeks, but he’s out on bail. He’s out on high-dollar bail and from what I was told by the detective in charge, he does have a high-dollar attorney, so he’s not going to go down easy. He’s going to fight this thing.

Hmmm. It seems police have video footage of the attempted murder of the group. Since the Dearborn Police Department and I aren't on the best of terms, anyone care to put in a FOIA request for the footage and police reports?

For more on Dearborn,
click here.
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