Dinesh D'Souza On Obama's View Of American History - GBTV

WARNING, BUYER BEWARE: POSSIBLE PROPAGANDA ZONE:   Is this another piece of the puzzle, or is this more disinformation?  Joel Gilbert's film "Dreams from my real father" represents Frank Marshall Davis as Obama's father. If that is true, the basis of D'Souza's new film, "2016" can't also be true. Are either true?  I don't pretend to know.   All of a sudden two movies come out within a month of each other with different narratives, both saying,without really coming out and SAYING it, that Obama is a natural born citizen.   Could this mean someone is getting close to the truth...like the news that will come forth in less than three days from Joe Arpaio? Is this an attempt to add to a narrative of confusion on the subject of Obama's eligibility? Jerome Corsi is supporting the Joel Gilbert film, and that means something to me.  I have seen it, and found it somewhat convincing, while lacking any ties to a bigger picture of Obama as a Manchurian Candidate.  So watch the video, consider what is said, maybe see the movie ( I will) but remember that Obama is an enigma. The elite behind the man, in true CIA fashion are experts in confusing the enemy, controlling and manipulating our thoughts and opinions and certainly they are experts in disinformation campaigns.  Whatever the truth, BHO has committed enough high crimes and misdemeanors against the U.S., that who he is matters little, impeaching him, holding him accountable...at the very least doing everything we can to keep him out of office, God forbid, for a second term is perhaps the greatest mission America, and American's have faced since the Civil War.  - W.E.


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