This has to be one of the saddest and darkest day in American history. What we witnessed in the minutes and hours after yesterday's Joe Arpaio press conference, was a defeat of enormous proportions that few realize.  Yes, we have had much pain, through many wars, many families torn apart by them and good men and women never making it back home because of war. There has been attacks on the homeland, Pearl Harbor and 911.  We have had civil war and fought in two world wars.  But today is symbolic in that the silent war from within is winning and perhaps has won against American's. Never before in the history of this nation have we had an enemy like this. That operates through covert means and pretends to be American, when in fact, the enemy is not American.  It is not a war against a foreign enemy, no it is a war against domestic enemies.   They have managed to USURP the White House, and have majorities in the Senate, the Judicial Branch and very possibly the House of Representatives.  Because they have completely infiltrated the media, American's by and large don't know the truth that we are at war with an enemy inside our nation.  The United States government as we once knew it no longer exists.  When we have such grave evidence regarding the eligibility of a United States President and the media refuses to report on it but rather stonewalls and ridicules, we know the end of America as she stood proudly for two centuries is over.  When we see and know that Congress will not step in to investigate, America's finest days are passed.  When SCOTUS clearly violates the U.S. Constitution and allows Obama, through a healthcare bill to have extensive powers, dictatorial powers, not granted by the Constitution, and the Congress is virtually silent, we know the end of America as we once knew it has come.  The coup has been silent, insidious and fatal. No more false flags are necessary, America has gone silently, without barely a whisper, through subversive tactics waged against America for some 50 years. No, the fundamental transformation of what America is to become is not complete, not even close, but we have reached and far surpassed  the point of no return. -W.E.


The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s probe of Barack Obama’s eligibility for Arizona’s November presidential ballot is convinced he has “indisputable proof” the document presented by the White House as Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.
But after presenting his latest evidence at a press conference in Phoenix Tuesday, the gathered media wanted to talk about him, not the evidence. 
“Obviously, the information we are bringing forth is becoming very difficult for them to refute,” Mike Zullo told WND in an interview after the event.
Missed the news conference? Watch an exclusive video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s latest on the Obama eligibility probe
“What the media was trying to do was the Saul Alinsky tactic of discrediting the person that is bringing forth the information,” he said, referring to the 1960s Marxist activist whose book “Rules for Radicals” is a manual for left-wing activists.
The first question from the media referred to a short e-book Zullo wrote with WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi, who has assisted the Cold Case Posse in its investigation.
“How do you expect any of us to believe any of this?” the reporter asked. “You have two investigators who are in business together, and their business is peddling conspiracies.”
Arpaio responded: “Well, first of all, I think that’s an insult. That’s all you want to talk about. You don’t want to look at the evidence.”
The sheriff urged reporters to “look at the evidence and forget who’s in bed with who.”
Zullo explained that the book is only a summary of the posse’s March 1 press conference. He said that for his work on it, he received a check $700 and another for $630. All of that money, he said, went directly to his church.
“I’ve made nothing out of that book,” Zullo told reporters. “I didn’t do this to make money off of a book.”
Zullo, a retired licensed investigator from New Jersey who came to Arizona in 1993, explained that he was unaware of the controversy surrounding the president’s birth certificate before Arpaio called and asked him to look into it last fall.
“I had no idea this stuff was going on when the sheriff called me,” he said. “This is not something that captured my attention.
“But when you start something like this and the evidence starts to take you in a direction, all of a sudden, what sounds like a conspiracy may not be a conspiracy at all,” Zullo said. “There’s evidence to substantiate this.”
Another reporter questioned Zullo about his service as an investigator in New Jersey, and after an exchange in which Zullo insisted she had her facts wrong, Arpaio urged the media to get back to the main issue.
“And by the way,” Arpaio said, before changing the subject, “do you want to question my credentials? Fifty years of law enforcement.”
Another reporter challenged: “If this were a real investigation, you would be saving this for a judge and jury or a prosecutor.”
Arpaio said he hopes that day comes and added he would like to see Congress take up the probe.
“It’s about time that Congress looked at this situation and not ask, ‘What credibility do you have?’” Arpaio said.
“You’re trying to go after the messenger,” the sheriff told reporters. “This is an official investigation zeroing in on possible fraud of government documents.”
Arpaio refused to answer a question he regarded as a further attempt at ridicule. A local TV reporter asked the sheriff: “If Barack Obama’s motorcade was driving in downtown Phoenix, would you pull it over and ask to see his papers?”
After the press conference, Zullo told WND he was “disheartened” by the media’s personal attacks and their unwillingness to examine the evidence.
“The case is closed on the birth certificate from our point of view, because we’ve gone the extra mile now,” he said.
He pointed out that two computer experts, independently of each other, have performed over 600 tests each.
“Both came to the same conclusion – that the document has been manipulated,” Zullo said.
On top of that, he said is the discovery of birth certificate coding information that was confirmed by the registrar who allegedly signed the document presented by the White House as Obama’s birth certificate. The coding indicates information was added to the document posted by the White House.  In addition, investigators found Hawaii’s law presents a national security risk, enabling people not born in the U. S. to obtain a Hawaii birth certificate.
He said Congress has shown no interest in the case, but the sheriff is still pursuing that avenue.
“We’ve been told from behind the scenes that nobody in Congress wants to touch it,” Zullo said.
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