Obama and Reverend Wright Exposed

I certainly have the upmost respect for Trevor Loudon and his research through the years about the infiltrators in our midst.  Whereas he disagrees with the opinion of the video that Obama is a Muslim and that Marxism is his real religion, I only add a word of caution. There is some evidence from the lips, life, and actions of Obama himself that strongly suggests he may indeed be a Muslim.  There is also testimony from others that say he said he is a Muslim.  I can't be dogmatic of course.  What I am closer to be dogmatic about is that the man is not a Christian as he claims, that is an outright lie, and sitting in Wright's church for 17 years gives us more evidence perhaps that he is not a Christian than that he is. - W.E.


A good video on the ties between Barack Obama and his long time Marxist Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the horrific consequences of re-electing the President.

I do not agree with the commentator’s claim that Obama is a Muslim. Marxism is his real religion.

He is sympathetic to Islam to the degree that Muslim extremism can help the socialist cause.

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