Obama FOX NEWS scathing 'attack' video REMOVED FROM FOXNEWS.COM

UPDATE:  I received this comment on Facebook from my friend Michele Fernandez and gave me a perspective that I should have considered, especially in lieu of the dramatic background music that FOX plays in the background. I still agree with the content of the video, but not the presentation of it.  Here is what Michele said:  

"Fox removed it bcz it looked like an ad for Romney. For Fox to be "fair and balanced" they would have to run the same type of video about Romney. This video is not "news" and shouldn't have been run as news"

The mainstream media (ever notice how Fox likes to pretend they are not part of the MSM?) does not want a well put together video like this one to go out over the airwaves, especially without commentary from the left to place doubt in our minds, or twist what we watch.  They want the commentary, the divisiveness of two opposing sides, not the truth. They want to interpret what we witness so we don't have to go to all that trouble of actually thinking for ourselves.   - W.E.

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