The Evidence Is In! America Is Under Foreign Control! Evidence, Analysis and a Challenge!

I am in complete agreement with the remarks in this video.  No one has offered one single shred of verifiable forensic evidence or documentation that the man we call "President" is an American, but there IS forensic and verifiable evidence that he was NOT born in America, making him a foreign usurper. Not one government official, not one court, not one member of Congress and not one member of the mainstream media has presented anything that refutes the evidence that Obama is ineligible to be President- instead they have only attacked and ridiculed the messengers.  

Meanwhile, Obama attorney's have gone to state hearing after state hearing, regarding his eligibility, and veraciously fought against hearings and trials from going forward, instead of simply providing the evidence that he is a legitimate American. Wouldn't that be much easier? The only conclusion I can come to as an American, is not only has the President purposely hidden his true identity, but that the Congress, the Courts and the media are COMPLICIT.  Americans are being purposely deceived and no longer living under a true constitutional Republic, but we have been taken hostage by enemies of America.  If YOU are a skeptic, please be the FIRST to offer any EVIDENCE that BHO is an AMERICAN.  You would be the first.

- W.E.


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