According to Morris, and apparently Frank Gaffney, The Vienna Convention, which was signed and ratified by the Senate in 1969, is a way for Hillary and Obama to squeeze out the 2nd Amendment. 
If I understand this correctly, and I fear I do, until a Treaty which we have signed (and Hillary WILL SIGN IT) is formally rejected by the Senate or renounced by a President, the said treaty is in affect.  
What does this mean according to Morris? That the U.S. will implement later this month, without the need of Senate ratification the "Arms Trade Treaty"(ATT).  This is essentially gun control for the world, and especially for us.  Obama has no intention of bringing it to the Senate for a vote because he already knows it will lose.  The likelihood of Obama renouncing it is about as likely that he will switch to the Republican Party. The very act of Hillary signing it can make it binding law in this country!
Without it coming to the Senate, I am reading between the lines here, they cannot renounce it.  
There is hope, the first of which is that Obama does not get re-elected and Romney renounces the treaty.  Secondly, what may also be feasible and Morris does not discuss this but theoretically the Senate could simply write a resolution and reject the Treaty that way. I admit I have no clue but if there is precedent for that type of resolution or even if the Senate can be trusted to do this.  
We are on a slippery slope where phone calls to your Senators and prayers to your heavenly Father (not necessarily in that order) seem like an excellent plan, and an urgent matter.  
The global elite, and everyone's favorite Marxist, BHO, will not sleep until the U.S. Bill of Rights is a thing of the past. It is a rather staunch annoyance for the Elite and their plans for a global cabal.   -W.E.

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