Russia To Join Military Drills With U.S. and Canada- Is America Being Sold Out?

Russian military will be at NORAD Military Complex in Colorado Springs and our  ALASKAN NORAD Complex beginning TOMORROW.  
If you are not alarmed at this, re-read and then check your pulse.  

NORAD's mission is to monitor all potential air threats on America and Canada.  How does Russia fit in to this equation?  As Obama is busy, and I mean very busy and very clearly DISARMING AMERICA (see link) he has now INVITED RUSSIA INTO NORAD.  I am repeating myself I know.  A little ticked here, please forgive me.   TREASONOUS is what this is!  



Moscow: A group from the Russian armed forces will take part in the military drills with the US and Canada to be held next Monday in North America, a military official said Saturday.

The Watchful Eagle-2012 anti-terrorism exercise, slated for Aug 27-29, will take place in the US and Canada.

The First Group of Russian forces, including air force officials from the Eastern Military District, have left Moscow and would join at the Colorado headquarters in the US, reported Xinhua, citing Interfax news agency quoting military spokesman Alexander Gordeyev.
The second delegation would engage in works at the backup headquarters in Alaska, according to Gordeyev.

The aim of the drills is to improve coordination and interaction between the Russian armed forces and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in case of aircraft hijacking.

NORAD is a joint organisation of the US and Canada that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty and defence for the two countries.

The Russian delegation would also visit the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs at the invitation of US officials, Gordeyev said.

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