Like destroying the country, Obama doesn't have just one plan of attack when it comes to winning re-election.  From leaving the borders open, to spending the nation into a third world country, to disarming our military, conquering and dividing the citizenry through class warfare, insulting our allies or thrusting upon "We The People" the end of freedom as we know it under the scheme of "Obamacare", the regime's theme of stealing an election must be, "diversify".   If you don't know about the evil scheme of investment bankers to steal our election known as Scytl, then you may want to add this article to your reading itinerary.  Scytl's theme is "Innovating Democracy" Yeah, with 900 jurisdictions using this outsourced (to Spain) and online voting tabulation method (no paper trail when voting is online, don't you know), you can't deny it's innovation.  But, alas, one Barack Hussein Obama is, if nothing else, a sly fox who understands that hedging his bets is the best way to assure re-election, and there is nothing, repeat nothing, that this imposter and his merry band of radicals won't attempt. They lied and cheated to get into office, certainly they have no problem lying and cheating to stay in office. After all, he hasn't passed those 925 executive orders for some OTHER President to utilize. - W.E.


With the most important Presidential election in history happening in just three months the Obama campaign is pulling out all of the stops to see that he is reelected so he can complete his personal mission of destroying the United States and our Constitution. 
As a result he is running a campaign full of distortions, outright lies, and vicious personal attacks not only on his opponent, but on those who support Mitt Romney.
          It is fully supported in his efforts by much of the main stream media that have become propaganda organs for the Obama campaign, and only report what he wants them to tell the American people. It has gone so far that a recent report in the New York Times says that the members of most big print media outlets have agreed to submit their articles about the administration to the White House to be edited before they are published. Our Founding Fathers would be aghast at the very idea.
         However, the quest to reelect Obama is not stopping there. The White House, the Justice Department and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are launching an all out effort to steal the election from the American people. The pattern actually started shortly after Obama was sworn in and Eric Holder was appointed as the Attorney General. He declined to prosecute the members of the New Black Panther party who had openly carried weapons and intimidated white voters at a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008.
          Then, prior to the 2010 elections the Justice Department told many state governments that they did not have to comply with the federal law that required them to send absentee ballots to military personnel within a certain time period. The law was designed to make sure that our people overseas had time to file their ballots and have them counted. The actions of the DOJ were specifically designed to undercut the intent of the law and many members of the military did not have their votes counted. In fact, according to the Army Times magazine as many as 30% of the absentee votes of military personnel in the 2010 elections were not counted.
          To make matters even worse, the Obama campaign and the DNC are trying to limit the rights of military personnel stationed in the U.S. They have filed a lawsuit in Ohio challenging a law in the key swing state of Ohio that gives military personnel an extra three days to cast early votes in elections. The Obama campaign claims that there is “no discernible rationale basis” for the law. It is unbelievable that the Dems are trying to make it harder for the people defending our right to vote to cast their own votes. Their rational is clear however, the majority of military personnel will be voting for Republican candidates in the election.
         Eric Holder has also been aggressively trying to stop states like Texas and South Carolina from enforcing laws that require a picture ID in order to vote. He is also trying to keep other states like Florida from purging their voter rolls of people who are deceased, and of illegal aliens who are not eligible to vote. It is estimated that thousands of illegal or fraudulent votes were cast in the last Florida election.
         The intentions are clear, protect the Democratic base of dead voters and illegals, limit the military votes, sanction voter intimidation, and get Obama reelected at any cost. It is up to the rest of America to make sure that we vote so that we still have a chance of saving out country.

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