CNN (‘Crescent’ News Network) is worried about the rising tide of anti-Islamic sentiment that is flaring up all around America

There might be so much Islamic push-back in this country because of Islam's stance that America is the "Great Satan" and their desire to destroy us, say nothing of our ally Israel, the "Little Satan". Then again, it could have something to do with their infiltration into our government and the written discovery by our FBI of their plans to infiltrate the government and destroy us from within. Or, maybe it is the 35 known "Jihad training camps" inside of America that makes us just a little queasy or Judges that are now ruling in compliance with Sharia. Then again, it could be that so many of them want to "wipe Christianity from the face of the earth" and seem to be killing Christians around the globe at a rate that would make Nero proud.  Gee, I can't decide which, so many choices. Certainly this video where Dearborn Michigan, looks more like the Gaza Strip doesn't help.    But don't worry, the Democrats, aka Progressives have it all under control.  We just need to be nicer to these radical groups, be there friends and it will all be just swell.  I mean, look how well that has worked out for us with Iran? - W.E.


Left Wing Media and Muslim hate groups like CAIR seem to have no idea why Americans of all races, religions, and ethnicities, have so much loathing for all things Islam and everything it represents.

CNN  When the nation pauses to remember 9/11 next week, a group of Tennesseans will gather at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Franklin for a commemoration. But it will be more than that. On the program, called “The Threat in Our Backyard,” is a lecture on Islam in public schools and a short film on Sharia finance.
It’s a program organized by people who feel the American way of life is threatened by Islam – in particular, Sharia, or Islamic law. Sharia would bring ruin to America, says Greg Johnson, vice president of the 9/12 Project Tennessee, a sponsor of the event that advocates for shifting government back to the intent of the Constitution’s authors.
Sharia, he believes, would mean that practicing homosexuals would be put to death, women would not be educated and would be married off to men chosen by their fathers, and non-Muslims would become kafirs – nonbelievers – relegated to second-class citizenship. ”And I don’t want that coming to America,” Johnson says. He’s not alone in his fears.
A tide of anti-Islam sentiment has been swelling across America in recent months, strong enough to prompt one imam to wish for the days immediately after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks when President George W. Bush declared that Muslims were not our enemies; that the war on terror was against a select few who acted upon their hate for America. (And that was the biggest mistake of his presidency)
“In the 11 years since, we have retreated,” says Abdullah Antepli, the Muslim chaplain at Duke University who likes to call himself the Blue Devil Imam. Muslims make up less than 1% of the U.S. population. Yet, say Muslim advocates, they are a community besieged. (According to CAIR, it’s at least 3%)
Hate crimes against Muslims spiked 50% in 2010, the last year for which FBI statistics are available. (Yet, the FBI reports that the number of  Muslim hate crimes is still five times less than hate crimes against Jews) That was in a year marked by Muslim-bashing speech over the Ground Zero Victory Mosque in Manhattan and Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ threats to burn Qurans.

This year’s holy month of Ramadan, which ended August 19, was marred by a spate of violence (mainly  petty vandalism that was largely cosmetic)  at U.S. Islamic centers that included one fire (perhaps set by Muslims), a homemade bomb (actually a bottle of acid on the lawn, 3 pig legs , paintballs on a mosque door, drive-by fruiting – lemons on the lawn, and  - gasp – a broken sign. ”The incidents were unprecedented in scale and scope,” whine the Drama Queens from the Council on ANTI-American Islamic Relations, on an obsessive-compulsive Islamophobia which hunt.

Antepli likens the current climate to McCarthyism. Left unchecked, he says, anti-Muslim fervor, like racism and anti-Semitism, has the potential to evolve into  something dangerous. (Few Muslims have been physically attacked, other than having a hijab/headbag pulled once in awhile)

Particularly visible on the anti-Muslim radar has been the state of Tennessee, where a mosque opened during Ramadan after two years of controversy. The new Islamic center in Murfreesboro opened a few weeks ago after delays caused by legal wrangling, community protests and vandalism. (Nothing like opening a mosque in a neighborhood where there are few Muslims, but lots of  Saudi money for building mega-mosques)

Also in Tennessee, incumbent congresswoman Diane Black found herself publicly opposing Sharia after her opponent Lou Ann Zelenik made it a campaign issue. State senatorial candidate Woody Degan’s website also mentions Sharia:
“VOTE CONSERVATIVE! VOTE Anti-Sharia, VOTE Against Internet Taxes, Vote FOR Gun Carry Rights! VOTE for your PERSONAL RIGHTS!”
And Gov. Bill Haslam recently came under fire for hiring lawyer Samar Ali, a Muslim woman from Tennessee (with suspected ties to radical Muslims), to work in the international division of the state’s economic development department. Ali’s critics called her Sharia-compliant and a website called Bill H(Islam) attacked the governor for pursuing “a policy that promotes the interest of Islamists and their radical ideology.”

The website links to another that discusses, among other things, Islamic infiltration of public schools. ”I cannot stress enough the seriousness of their push to spread their religion to all non-Muslims throughout our country,” says website author Cathy Hinners, another speaker at next Tuesday’s 9/11 event in Franklin.
Why do Muslims pray five times daily? ”Why? Why are Muslims so adamant that we accept their religion? The answer is simple. The answer is in black and white. The answer is in the Muslim brotherhoods “Strategic Goal for North America.” It’s called a global caliphate. One religion, one government, one law… called Sharia.”

In November 2010, more than 70% of voters in Oklahoma approved a ballot initiative to amend the state’s constitution that banned courts from looking at “legal precepts of other nations or cultures. Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia law.” The amendment died after a left wing federal court ruled it discriminatory.
“That was very explicitly anti-Islamic,” says Glenn Hendrix, an Atlanta lawyer who specializes in international law. “It specifically referenced Sharia.” (And you don’t consider Sharia law unconstitutional? Your law license should be revoked)
This year, 33 anti-Sharia or international law bills were introduced in 20 states, making it a key issue. Six states – Louisiana, South Dakota, Kansas, Arizona, Louisiana and Tennessee – adopted such laws prior to 2012. Two Tennessee lawmakers attempted to pass a bill this year that would have made it a felony to practice Sharia, but it failed. (Try, try, again)

The HAMAS-linked Council on ANTI-American Islamic Relations says the anti-Sharia bills are based on draft legislation promoted by David Yerushalmi, an anti-Islamic lawyer from New York. (An American hero)
Yerushalmi founded the Society of Americans for National Existence, an organization devoted to promoting his theory that Islam is inherently seditious and Sharia is a “criminal conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government,” according to the Communist Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate pro-America groups. ”Ideally,” says the center, “he would outlaw Islam and deport its adherents altogether.” (YES!)
Hendrix says anti-Sharia legislation is not necessary since U.S. courts ultimately are beholden to U.S. law. (But at least 23 American courts have used sharia law. Why haven’t the judges been fired?)

But it sends a strong message to the Muslim community. (One would hope so)
The American Bar Association, which opposes federal or state laws that impose blanket prohibitions on foreign laws, says such legislative initiatives stigmatize an entire religious community and “are inconsistent with some of the core principles and ideals of American jurisprudence.” Valarie Kaur, a legal advocate and hate crimes specialist, says proponents of anti-Sharia bills are battling an imaginary threat.
“There is no push to install Sharia law in the U.S.,” she says. “Anti-Sharia bills target the religious principles of Muslim Americans and fuel anti-Muslim rhetoric and bias. As a Sikh American whose community has too often become the target of hate, I believe it’s time to stand against all forms of racism and religious bigotry.” (Then why are the CAIR litigation jihadists  fighting every anti-sharia bill in every state?)

For Muslims, Sharia – which means “path to the watering hole” in Arabic – is the divine law revealed centuries ago in the Quran that governs all aspects of life. More often than not, it’s the most sensational parts of Sharia – like cutting off a thief’s hand – that garner the most publicity.
A trial court in New Jersey, for instance, ruled that a husband, who was Muslim, lacked the criminal intent to commit sexual assault on his wife because Sharia permits a man to have sex with his wife whenever he wants. That’s the kind of ruling that fuels anti-Sharia activists.

Nashville health-care investor Andrew Miller says there’s no room for democracy within Islamic ideology. All you have to do is look to any Islamic state, he says. ”If you wanted to pray to a large rock and that was your God, I could care less,” he says. “But the minute you want to put a gun to my head and say you will pray to this large rock and your family will or you will pay the price, that’s when I see a bully. I see an overbearing ideology that wants to force and coerce people. ”That’s antithetical to the freedoms that we value, the liberty we value,” he says.
The message that Islam is evil has been repeated so many times – sometimes directly, sometimes in a more subtle fashion – that it has sunk in as reality in the hearts and minds of many Americans, says Antepli, the Duke chaplain.

But another part of it is orchestrated, he says, referring to “well-organized and polished” anti-Islam websites that have sprouted in recent years. Marry that with ignorance and the end result is lethal, Antepli says. The Center for American Progress, a George Soros-funded research and advocacy organization, published a report last year that attributed the rise of Islamophobia to a “small, tightly-networked group of misinformation experts truth tellers.”
The report called “Fear, Inc.” lists seven foundations that gave $42.6 million to think tanks to promote anti-Islamic thought. (So, where’s MY check?) It describes “deeply intertwined individuals and organizations” that “manufacture and exaggerate threats of ‘creeping Sharia,’ Islamic domination of the West, and purported obligatory calls to violence against all non-Muslims by the Quran.” The issue of Sharia, say some Muslims, has become a political hot potato in an election year.

GOP candidates Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann mentioned Sharia in their campaign speeches. This year’s Republican Party platform makes mention of foreign laws:
“Subjecting American citizens to foreign laws is inimical to the spirit of the Constitution. It is one reason we oppose U.S. participation in the International Criminal Court. There must be no use of foreign law by U.S. courts in interpreting our Constitution and laws. Nor should foreign sources of law be used in State courts’ adjudication of criminal or civil matters.”
That’s the message Miller hopes people will take away from next week’s 9/11 meeting; that the tenets of Islam go against the constitution of the United States. It’s diametrically opposed to what people like Antepli and Kaur will be saying as America remembers the horror of terrorism. Hateful sentiment, they say, is not the answer.

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