Kansas Board Votes That Obama Can Stay On Ballot: Accepts Obama's Forged Birth Certificate

Interestingly, WND is reporting that "Manhattan, Kansas resident Joe Montgomery, dropped his challenge on Friday saying he had received threatening phone calls.".   I think we are all starting to "get it" now.  There is no way that Obama and his thugs will EVER let this issue come to a real open and fair hearing in this country. Not in the courts, not in the media. It just will not happen, they will stop at nothing to be sure it doesn't. 
- W.E.


TOPEKA – The State Objections Board brought the issue of President Barack Obama’s eligibility to be on Kansas ballots to a swift end Monday morning.

After accepting several records related to Obama’s birth in Hawaii, Mark Dugan, Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer’s chief of staff, moved to overrule the objection and close the board’s meeting.

The board’s unanimous vote brings an end to an objection raised by
Manhattan resident Joe Montgomery, who said Obama shouldn’t be on Kansas ballots and isn’t qualified to be president because his parents were not both born in the United States.

But the board’s move got tripped up momentarily when Orly Taitz, a Californian who is a leader in the so-called birther movement, pressed the board to take more time to review the documents, suggesting forgery on behalf of Obama.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach deflected her complaints, saying the board has no jurisdiction to
deal with the issue at this point. Kobach said the time to file objections has passed.

“At this point, we are without jurisdiction,” he said.

The exchange grew more heated as Taitz argued with Kobach. At least one
person attending the meeting stood up, apparently upset with the exchange between Taitz and Kobach.

After the meeting, Topeka resident T.J. Gaughan chastised Kobach for entertaining the objection to Obama’s
qualifications. And as Taitz answered reporters’ questions, Gaughan continued to press his case.

A state trooper then asked both Taitz and Gaughan to leave the building. Their arguments continued outside as reporters interviewed them, and others, including protesters from the Occupy movement, spoke over Taitz, saying Obama’s qualifications have been proven many times over.

CONTINUED HERE: http://www.kansas.com/2012/09/17/2492998/kansas-expects-to-end-challenge.html

UPDATE: VIDEO HERE: http://cjonline.com/news/state/2012-09-17/kansas-board-drops-obama-ballot-complaint

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