The threat is vast, highly organized, deep into its playbook and coming at America like a locomotive..and we are not awake.  We know their plans because the were exposed by the FBI, which means naturally Obama knows their plans too...and at best looks away, at worst, and what I believe...is complicit and on their team. They declared war violently and clearly on 911, but their war is not just the conventional wars we have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are much more stealth, much more clever, and much more insidious than must of us have ever imagined. From sleeper cells and training camps in rural America, to mosques funding terror inside of America to the Brotherhood INSIDE of the White House, to a psychological and propaganda war in the media and in the classroom..The war is real and the hour is late. - W.E.


To see the actual MB documentations of infiltration, go here.

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