BREAKING! Obama's Ring Inscription: THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH!

Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro himself, is the greatest National Security threat that this nation has faced since WWII. Perhaps even greater when we consider at least then we knew who are enemies were, and they did not reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Had he told us before he ran for any public office, much less the Presidency, the truth about his Muslim belief's that would have been fine.  Because he lied and deceived us, that makes makes calling this story "explosive" the understatement of the year. 

Talk about Audacity!
For an American President, supposedly the "leader of the free world" who claims implicitly to be a Christian, wearing a ring that necessarily dictates that he instead is a Muslim, has extremely serious implications.  He has deceived America, and must have done so for a purpose.  Please don't be naive America.  See here how many in the GOP already believed, and with good reason that Obama was a Muslim, before this news.

His motives and policies in dealing with Israel should be scene in a new light and highly questioned.
His motives for embracing the Muslim Brotherhood (inside of his own administration no less) and the whole "Arab Spring" are also now in serious question because of the national threats they have become. For example, we know because the FBI has the files on the Muslim Brotherhood's goals regarding this nation and the entire world is to bring about a "Caliphate" which is really another way of saying world domination through instituting Sharia.
The jig is up on Obama.  Between the evidence that Joe Arpaio has on the President, his record of "fundamentally transforming" America and this evidence, we now no without reservation that the man is perhaps the most dangerous assault on freedom this nation has ever faced.  His activities are subversive, his policies detrimental and his whole identity is fraudulent.  To make matters worse, the media is state controlled, the Congress is inept at best and certainly complicit to some extent. - W.E.

See the entire WND article here.


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