DonorGate: The Obama-China Connection

Obama's campaign website is operated out of China, where foreign donations to his Presidency can be easily accomplished. 
He will have "more flexibility" after the elections concerning missile defense he tells Russia when he thinks the mic is off.
His family members in Kenya say he was born in Kenya, and they have ties to MWL...a known terrorist organization.
He bows to the Saudi King.
He supports the Arab Spring
He helps overthrow Israel ally, Mubarak.
He has Muslim Brotherhood operatives inside his Administration despite knowing the FBI has confiscated files from the Muslim Brotherhood exposing their plans to infiltrate the American government in their "Grand Jihad" to bring in a Caliphate.
He brought in known Communist Van Jones inside of his administration.
He is friends with known and unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.
He has spent millions to hide his college transcripts.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio has investigated his extremely suspicious birth certificate...and Obama and his handlers have never refuted the facts, just attacked the messenger.
The American media,  suspiciously does not probe or vet Obama's past and shady associations
Americans continue to support this man in larger, albeit shrinking numbers. 

- W.E.


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