Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi Joins Preacher in Prayer For Destruction of the Jews

I thought this story I posted on the Weeping Eagle was appropriate enough and certainly important enough to bring over to Infiltrated Nation. (In other words, I want to get this word out!) Read my comments below and you will understand why.  One thing not mentioned though is the implications of all this, now knowing that Obama himself is definitely a Muslim, we now have the undeniable smoking gun to prove it . - W.E.


I know that news hits us, I know it does me, at about a thousand miles an hour every day, and sometimes we can lose some of the meaning and depths of stories and we are also susceptible to being conditioned.  
This is an incredibly important story. Morsi is supported by the Obama regime.  He is Muslim Brotherhood and Obama loves to cuddle with them in front of a warm fire I am afraid.  
The M.Brotherhood is a murderous terrorist organization working inside the Obama administration. The FBI has uncovered files from the MB that is plans on how they want to dominate the world (Caliphate) and how they planned on infiltrating the U.S. government. You can see these documents yourself right here.   
This is who America is allied with.   Please let this all sink in.  Ponder the implications. 

The new Egyptian leader is praying for the destruction (which infers genocide) of Israel.  
This will not make news, not even a back page story.  Why is that do you think? Who is hiring the people in the press (or paying) to not report news?  Wouldn't you like to see say, Chris Matthews secret bank accounts? - W.E.

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